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Safe tea production in Vo Mieu

Tuesday, 2018-03-06 15:13:24
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The tea producing households in Thanh Ha village invest in machinery and actively apply scientific and technological advances to save labor and improve the quality of tea products to meet the market demand.


PTO- In recent years, Vo Mieu commune, Thanh Son district has gradually formed and developed tea production and processing, achieving high efficiency, in particular, Thanh Ha village has created jobs and stable income for many people, contributing to poverty reduction in the locality.

In 1986, only a small number of households in Thanh Ha village participated in tea processing. Nowadays, thanks to the tea benefits, more and more villagers gradually took part in tea processing, commercial services, in which the tea cultivation and processing occupied a large proportion. In recent years, Thanh Ha villagers have replaced step by step the old tea varieties by new ones of high quality and productivity. At present, the tea varieties in Thanh Ha include PH1, LDP1, LDP2 and some high-quality varieties such as Huong Bac Son, Kim Tuyen, Bat Tien, VN15 ... Mrs. Vu Thi Phuong - Thanh Ha village said: We have more than 1 ha of PH1, LDP2... I have participated in training courses on cultivation and processing of tea according to VietGAP standards, studying experiences to apply the technique to the whole area of tea. In addition, my brothers and sisters also invest in tea plucking machines... to save labor. The dried tea products were safe and meet the market, many people came to buy with the price of VND 250,000 – VND 300,000 / kg ...
For many years, Thanh Ha tea processing village always ensures both of environmental hygiene and food hygiene and safety. Along with planting and processing tea, the transport services, nursery seedlings ... have contributed to creating conditions for "safe tea brand" of Thanh Ha village is known inside and outside the province. By the end of 2017, Thanh Ha village has been recognized as the safe tea processing village by the Provincial People's Committee to, is a good condition for the village to develop. Tea production and processing in Thanh Ha has created jobs and stable income for local people. Tea plantation covers a total area of about 60ha, in which Thanh Ha safe tea cooperative has 18ha with an average yield of over 20 tons / ha, the output is over 300 tons/year. There are 103 tea processing households who have actively applied new scientific and technical advances with many modern machines such as plucking machines, etc… contributing to saving labor, diversifying tea products, getting high and stable profits. In 2017, revenue of tea processing in the village reached more than VND 25 billion, accounting for more than 70% of the village’s total revenue. The average income is about VND 28 million / person / year. According to Mr. Ha Manh Hoach - Deputy Secretary of the Commune Party Committee, in the next time, Vo Mieu will continue to create conditions for households to participate in training courses, transfer of technology and knowledge-sharing, invest in replacement of machinery and equipment to improve productivity and quality of products; Guiding the households to strictly follow the process of growing and processing tea safely, ensuring food safety and hygiene; registering brand name, promoting market ... in order to increase income for people.

Ngoc Lam