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Doan Hung district promotes investment attraction into industrial clusters

Sunday, 2018-07-01 17:28:45
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Operating at Soc Dang industrial cluster - handicraft village, Hai My Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing and processing export leather shoes, creating jobs for over 3,000 workers inside and outside the district.

PTO- Improving the potential and advantages of geographic location, in the past time, the government of Doan Hung district has focused on directing and mobilizing all investment resources for socio-economic development in general, industrial development in the locality in particular. Accordingly, Doan Hung has developed a detailed plan for two industrial clusters: Soc Dang craft village -  industrial cluster and Ngoc Quan industrial cluster with a total area of approximately 130 ha (84ha and 46ha, respectively).

Doan Hung strives to attract at least 5 enterprises towards 2020. In fact, at present, there are many enterprises operating in both ICs in Doan Hung. Soc Dang ICs attracted 3 enterprises with about 3,300 employees and Ngoc Quan ICs attracted 1 enterprise with over 100 employees. In the current difficult conditions, this is also the first result confirming the active participation of the Party committees and authorities of Doan Hung district.

In order to attract investment, the district always attaches great importance to the dissemination, guidance and implementation of legal documents, mechanisms and policies related to the establishment and operation of the ICs in the area; regularly reviewing the planning and listening to the needs of enterprises to submit to the competent agencies; taking initiative in mobilizing and integrating capital sources for construction of technical infrastructures of ICs. From 2006 to 2017, the district has mobilized over VND16 billion to invest in the infrastructure of Soc Dang ICs with a number of main items such as the main road, clean water system, 35KV electric power system, etc.

Land acquisition, compensation, land clearance and resettlement assistance and other related policies and mechanisms have been received the district's special attention. Thanks to local people's consent and support, the land clearance is always on schedule, facilitating to handover space for enterprises.

The establishment of the management mechanism of each IC as well as the investment attraction and promotion into each cluster is paid attention. In recent time, the district has regularly coordinated with provincial departments to organize activities to promote investment through conferences, seminars, dialogues, diplomatic activities, etc. in order to introduce the potential, advantages and investment attraction policies of the district.  The district has given  prominence to the areas of order and security, fire prevention and fighting, residential management, especially environmental management in ICs and thoroughly handled the situation of discharge into the surrounding environment.

In the coming time, Doan Hung continues to well implement the work of planning management, promoting the investment attraction, especially into infrastructure, selecting investors owning high technology and environment protection and saving production areas; continuing to consolidate the district's IC Management Board, strengthening the state management in ICs, especially environmental protection, production and business activities, policy for labors in enterprises, promoting administrative reform, etc.

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