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Exploiting the potential of tea tree and tea culture on the ancestral land

Friday, 2018-08-17 21:12:47
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Foreign tourists visit Tan Son tea hill.

PTO- Tea is a drink attaching to the life of the Vietnamese. People at all class in the society enjoy the taste of tea. The tea culture as well as art of tea drinking of Vietnam are not too sophisticated as Japan or China, yet having certain rules - also known as rules of cultural behavior. Tea shop is present everywhere in Vietnam, from the city to the countryside. People give each other a cup of tea maybe just to greetings, not necessarily for the work. Proper behaviour is clearly shown in give a cup of tea to the elder first to express the respect or give guests first to express hospitality. Like a saying known to Vietnamese people "A quid of betel and areca-nut starts the ball rolling", a cup of tea is a beginning of a conversation, removing the shyness between the host and guests, especially in the first met.

According to research documents of Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences, the fossil remains of tea leaf and tea tree were found in the area of the ancestral land (Phu Tho province). Thus, Phu Tho tea trees appeared very early. The taste of Phu Tho tea has long been the pride of this land. In the past, the taste of Tet holiday of officials and civil servants here contained the Hong Dao tea pack of Thanh Ba tea factory or a kilo of traditional tea made by people in the tea areas of Thanh Ba, Phu Ninh, Doan Hung. Nowadays, with the increasingly developing science and technology, Phu Tho tea trees have been planning to become a concentrated planting area. Phu Tho tea products are also increasingly raising its position both inside and outside of the country. The exploitation and processing of products from tea, tea export have created a high economic value for the local. Tea tree is not only raise ecosystem on the sloping land, but also becomes a manner of poverty reduction to farmers. The tea production and processing increasingly meet the demand of employment and domestic comsumption as well as export. Besides, the tea planting areas often owns cool climate, beautiful scenery, attracting tourists to enjoy all year round. This is a resource for building ecotourism tours in combination with enjoying tea culture.


Phu Tho is ranked 4th in terms of area and 3rd in terms of tea production across the country. In the province, There are 17 trade villages of tea production and processing, creating job for 2 thousand workers, reaching a total turnover of over VND90 billion. Some trade villages established cooperatives and enterprises to produce green tea. They also built trademarks and registered forms of intellectual property protection such as green tea of Chua Ta tea village in Tien Phu commune, Phu Ninh district and safe tea of Hoang Van tea processing village in Van Luong commune, Tan Son district. Green tea and black tea products of Phu Tho is gradually occupying domestic and international markets.

With tea development projects, Phu Tho has planned concentrated production areas in associated with processing and product consumption in the key tea development areas of the province. All newly planted and re-planted areas were experimented new high yielding and high quality varieties. Together with advanced technical measures for safe tea production, the application of mechanization to production has been boosted to increase labor productivity, production efficiency and quality of tea products. These are the important premise for ecotourism development and tea culture experience. However, in order to exploit this  potential, in addition to the elements of tea planning and tea production and processing technology, the tea large areas with attractive landscape such as Thanh Son, Tan Son can link to the community tours and experience tours to create an attractive tourist products; organizing annual tea festivals or combining it to the Hung Kings Temple Festival to introduce tea products and tea culture of Phu Tho; combining the local specialties food with tea drinking in order to impress the visitors with the Vietnamese art of tea drinking. In addition, people in the tea areas need to be trained the essential knowledge of tea culture as well as art of tea drinking to form models combining tea production with tourism in Phu Tho.

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