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Socio-economic development in the Industry 4.0 era

Monday, 2018-12-31 09:58:24
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PTO- The world is beginning to enter the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), a new production revolution associated with unprecedented breakthroughs in technology. This new revolution is expected to have a strong impact on the globe, as well as basically changing how we live, work and produce. Vietnam also cannot be outside of this revolution. Phu Tho is a mountainous midland province, with many difficulties of an average economy, so the socio-economic development in the IR 4.0 requires a system of radical solutions.


Improving the competitiveness

In 2018, 12 socio-economic development targets of the province have met and exceeded the plan. In particular, the growth rate reached 8.34% - the highest level since the beginning of the term, GRDP reached VND 40.8 million/person/year. There were many reasons contributing to this impressive result, especially the strong improvement of the business environment, and competitiveness capacity. Being ranked 54th out of 63 provinces and cities in 2013 on PCI index, Phu Tho has ranked 27th in 2017 and 3rd in midland and mountainous region. The great progress in competitiveness capacity is the result of the persistent efforts and determination of the provincial leadership in recent years in response to the reformation spirit of the Government, ministries and branches.


Attempting to resolve weakness

In addition to the achievements, Phu Tho have shown many weaknesses. In order to develop socio-economy in the IR 4.0, the effort to resolve these weaknesses is the key task. Firstly, the labor productivity of the province is much lower than that of other localities in the country, despite high economic growth. The source of high quality labor is limited, not yet adapted to modern production. Secondly, although all levels and sectors have recognized the importance as well as both opportunities and challenges that can be brought from the IR 4.0, efforts of preparation and internal capacity enhancements to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges are implemented slowly. Thirdly, the FDI enterprises and domestic enterprises are lack of tight connection. Therefore, despite attracting large corporations to invest, not yet creating a positive spillover effect.


Building the 4.0 residents 
This solution is enough for Phu Tho to successfully implement the IR 4.0. The most pronounced impact of the IR 4.0 is the emergence of robots with artificial intelligence, with features that can replace people, and even more advanced. Thus, in a very fierce job market by competition between people, people now have to compete to robots. To be able to integrate and succeed in the IR 4.0, in addition to professional qualifications, people need creative thinking, communication ability, intelligence and some basic skills such as: problem solving skills, management skills, team working skills, assertiveness, making the right decisions in the right times, good presentation skills and flexibility in awareness. 

Kim Chi