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Tea development in associated with tourism

Monday, 2019-03-11 21:25:33
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PTO - Tea tree has attached to the midland people long time ago. It has also been preserved and developed through generations. Tea tree becomes not only a key economic tree contributing to income improvement, hunger eradication and poverty reduction for local people, but also a specific characteristics image of the midland. Therefore, in recent years, Phu Tho has focused on developing tea brand in associated with tourism.

Favoured by nature with the favorable terrain, land and climate, along with the local people's experience, the application of technical progress,  tea tree has been facilitated in developing towards sustainable products. The development of tea tree has become a key agricultural production program of the province. In the past time, tea tree was just a simple economic tree, it now has contributed to promoting the image of the midland and most of all, bringing higher income for not only growers, producers, but also local people. 

The wonderful tea hills here has became a tourist destination, attracting many young people inside and outside the province. After the effect of the contest "Phu Tho Tourism beautiful photo", the strong participation of all levels, branches, newspapers and media has promoted the beautiful image of the unique tea hills in the midland region. Currently tea hill tours are becoming a trend, receiving many tourists' attention. 

Capturing the needs, trends and taking advantage of existing natural potentials, the provincial tourism sector has surveyed and introduced tours associated with tea areas, gradually forming stops to visit tea hills in communes of Long Coc, My Thuan (Tan Son district) and Dich Qua commune (Thanh Son district) in Xuan Son National Park tour (Xuan Son commune, Tan Son district). At the same time, the sector has also widely promoted Phu Tho tea products through regional trade fairs.

It can be seen that, tea tourism development is not only about exploiting and building on-site visiting stops but also turning products from tea into tourist products to bring more benefits. However, at present, tea trees have not fully promoted their value to serve tourism. The current tours are just spontaneous stops without tourism services or visit of tea factories, tea products. Green tea products have not yet received the interest of customers, its' consumption has been limited. Tea brands have not been advertised or introduced, making customers feel difficult to buy quality products.

Therefore, in the coming time, to most effectively exploit tea for tourism, it is necessary for a strong and synchronous participation of both authorities, people and tea production enterprises in the creation, development and maintenance of "Phu Tho Tea" trademark for tea products of the whole province as well as the establishment of protection mechanisms, a legal basis for product quality control to supply to many markets, including tourism market. 

At the same time, mobilizing tea enterprises to invest in tea hill visiting stops in combination with tea factories and showrooms; expanding the system of product consumption and introduction outside the producing areas, focusing on tourist areas such as Thanh Thuy district and Viet Tri city, etc. to create an impression and become a reliable address for visitors.

In addition, enhancing promotion in tourism and trade promotion events inside and outside the country, making plan to organize annual tea festival to help visitors and partners easily identify brands, associate product consumption.

Le Oanh