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Flourishing handicraft villages

Thursday, 2019-04-04 18:11:27
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PTO- Currently, there are 20 handicraft villages specializing in the production of household furniture, conical hats, brocade weaving, etc., creating jobs for about 8,000 workers, of which over 60% regular labor in the province.

Carpentry is a high-income job in handicraft group. In Tuy Loc commune, Cam Khe district, thanks to the carpentry, the number of people in the village has a job, the youth have stayed in their homeland to learn and improve the traditional craft.
Up to now, Du Ba carpentry village has over 100 households with more than 300 regular workers who have an average income of over VND 5 million/person/month. In 2018, the average income per capita of the commune reached VND 29 million/person/year, the poverty rate decreased to 11%. 
Not only Du Ba carpentry village, Van Du (Doan Hung), Phu Ha (Thanh Son) and Minh Duc (Tam Nong) carpentry villages are also improving their techniques and product designs to meet market demand, opening a new way for handicraft development.

The conical hat village creates income for many people in Gia Thanh commune, Phu Ninh district. Although the craft is not a well-paid job over the years, people here still keep and consider it as a source of income to improve the family economy. Each year, Ren colonial hat village sells over 30,000 hats of all kinds with prices from VND 50,000 to 70,000/hat. 

The effectiveness of handicraft villages has been confirmed, the localities have identified the potentials and advantages of the craft villages and focused on the training for the younger generation to preserve the traditional craft as well as to have a stable income. The development of handicraft villages has helped many rural areas in the province to develop diversified jobs, step by step changing into industrialization and modernization, contributing to decreasing the rate of poor households.

Thanh Tra