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Saturday, 2019-11-09 18:10:49
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Mr. Bui Minh Chau - Member of CPV CC, Deputy Secretary of the Phu Tho Party Committee, Chairman of the Phu Tho People's Committee

Welcome to our Province,
Phu Tho is located at the center of the northern mountainous area of Vietnam, is the Northwest gateway to
Hanoi capital and the connection of North Western area with Hanoi and the northern delta provinces; Phu Tho has favorable transportation condition; distance to Hanoi 80km, Noi Bai International Airport 50km, Hai Phong seaport 170km. It has the confluence of the three big river running through the province: Red river, Da river and Lo river; there are 5 national routes and Hanoi-Lao Cai highway passing through linking Phu Tho to Hanoi and other Northern provinces.
Phu Tho has abundant labor work force with 800,000 workers, among whom young workers accounts for 65%, Phu Tho people are studious, hard working, diligence, creativity, having a sense of solidarity and kind; There are 3 universities, 30 colleges, vocational schools and the general education system is in the top of the national quality.
Phu Tho used to be the King land, the first Nation of Vietnam possessing two world heritages such as Xoan singing and King Hung yearly worshipping ceremony, which have been recognized as world heritage by UNESCO.
Phu Tho has many other scenic spots such as historical Relic King Hung Temple,  Xuan Son natural reservation, Ao Chau lake, mineral hot spring resort of Thanh Thuv... with various of precious products as Anh Vu fish (the fish is used to serve The Kings), chicken with many spurs, wiId pigs, the rooster crows sticky rice, Doan Hung grapefruit, etc.
Presently, with the strong development of the country and the world, Phu Tho is not only known as the Ancient place of Ethnic origin of Vietnam, Phu Tho also has favorable transportation network of thousands of kilometers of highways and national routes connecting with the Northern provinces, Hanoi and districts, city in the province. Making use of the advantages, the province has developed 5 Industrial parks, which are next to the interchanges of Hanoi - Lao Cai highway for investors to settle their business. The industrial parks have attracted more than 100 foreign and domestic investment projects in manufacturing products of electronics, electrical, mechanical, textile, construction materials, beer, plastic materials, agricultural and forestry processing... The industrial parks make the annual budget submission of VND 700-1.000 billion, the industrial production value to VND 15,000 billion and create over 35,000 jobs with average income of VND 4.5-7 million/month.

Phu Tho has focused on training for human resources and on reforming administrative procedures towards publicity and ventilation to minimize costs and time for investors; the authority is ready to listen, care and help to solve the difficulty and problems raised by the business owners during their project implementation and production.
Investments in the Industrial parks in Phu Tho province, the investor will be entitled all the investment incentives by the Government as well as the special incentives, support by Phu Tho province.
Phu Tho province always respect and appreciate the contribution of investors from overseas, outside and inside the province to invest in the province as well as into the industrial parks of the province, and commit to share the operation process of the enterprises. Phu Tho is always welcome and open to the investors.
The success of the business means the success of Phu Tho province.
Grateful and welcome I