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Building the brand of Phu Tho green tea

Monday, 2019-06-17 00:21:28
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PTO- In recent years, promoting the advantages of climate, soil, Phu Tho province has continuously expanded the area and consumption market of green tea, focusing on producing tea products under VietGAP standards; gradually building a brand for Phu Tho green tea products.

Considered as the cradle of Vietnamese tea industry, Phu Tho always identifies the development of tea tree as one of the key agricultural production programs that need to pay attention to investment. In the province, the tea tree is mainly grown in mountainous districts such as Doan Hung, Tan Son, Thanh Son, Ha Hoa, Yen Lap, Thanh Ba and Phu Ninh.

According to statistics, so far, the province has over 16,000 ha of tea, the average yield of fresh tea buds reaches over 11 tons/ha, its output reaches over 170 thousand tons/year. Phu Tho is ranked 4th in terms of area and 3rd in output compared to 28 tea producing provinces in the country.

In addition to the black tea material area, there are nearly 140 green tea material areas for processing with high quality tea varieties. The whole area of new and replanted tea tree is covered by new varieties of high yield, high quality, which has changed the province's tea variety structure, contributing to raising the rate of new tea tree area to over 73%.

The province has nearly 4,000ha, certified as tea production under safety procedures, accounting for 24.1% of product tea area, including nearly 2,000ha under RFA and UTZ standards. In addition, tea areas promote the application of mechanization in growing tea tree. So far, there are over 2,000 tea picking machines, over 1,400 tea cutting machines, 1,800 sprayers. Accordingly, there are about 56% of tea area picked by machines and 80% cut by machines.


Applying science and technology into production, many tea areas in Tan Son district have been replaced by high quality and crossbred tea varieties for higher productivity and product quality.

Currently, there are 50 tea processing enterprises and facilities in the province with a capacity of over 1 ton of fresh buds/day, nearly 1,300 craft tea processing facilities, 17 craft tea villages and 10 tea processing and production cooperatives. They have invested in innovating tools, replacing equipment, completing workshops and processing technologies. Currently, 50 facilities have been granted certificates of meeting the conditions for food safety in tea preliminary processing and processing, 13 facilities applying ISO and HACCP quality management systems; 47 facilities eligible for food safety.

Some tea products of the province have codes and barcodes for origin traceability such as green tea of Ha Trang Tea Company, Bao Long Tea Company, Phu Ha Tea Company Ltd., Ton Vinh Tea Company,etc. This is a premise to build and develop the brand of "Phu Tho Green Tea"  on the ancestral land.

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