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Thursday, 2020-01-16 11:00:03
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Ngoc Tan Vegetable Oil product was awarded the certificate at the Ceremony to honor typical national rural industrial products in 2019

PTO - In 2019, the rural industrial products of the ancestral land are "called name" on domestic economic forums, confirming the development in the right direction, creating a foothold in the domestic market as well as "paving the way" to export markets.

“I was born and raised here. When being a child, I witnessed the strenuousness of my family and the local people in growing peanuts and sesame to improve their lives. The work was so hard yet the price was so cheap.” From those simple and honest thought, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tinh - Director of Trung Ha Co., Ltd. (in Hien Da commune, Cam Khe district), the "owner" of Ngoc Tan vegetable oil product - 1 out of 110 typical national rural industrial products in 2019, concerned how to enhance the economic value for local agricultural products. After studying models in many places, he decided to invest in machinery and factories to turn sesame and peanuts into a healthy cooking oil product.


The production line of Ngoc Tan vegetable oil product meets the quality standards.

"All things are difficult before they are easy", he had taken a month, throwing away over a ton of peanuts, at the end successfully producing the first oil product meeting a high quality. But that not the all difficulty, finding markets and outputs for his products was also a great challenge. That motivated Mr. Tinh to create a unique secret for Ngoc Tan vegetable oil products. So far, over two years of experience, his product has been favored by consumers across the country for its quality and nutritional value. With the current production scale, each year, his workshop consumes about 30 tons of peanuts of local people with a stable price and creating jobs for 10 local workers with an average income of VND4 million/ month.

The connection between economic restructuring and conservation and promotion of cultural quintessence of local specialties is one of the important orientations for the development of rural industry products in the future. As one of the nine items voted as typical provincial agricultural products in 2019, My Lung sticky rice of My Lung sticky rice cooperative, Yen Lap district was dubbed the "pearl of the sky". This rice varieties of Muong ethnic people have been handed down for generations and gradually become popular specialties.


My Lung sticky rice is recognized as one of the nice typical provincial industrial products in 2019.

In 2019, My Lung commune cultivated over 82 hectares and haversted 270 tons of sticky rice. With a stable selling price of VND45,000/ kg, this rice offers a better source of income than other purely agricultural incomes.

Mr. Do Hong Phuong - Head of Industrial Management Department - Department of Industry and Trade said: “Department of Industry and Trade will continue to pay attention to support enterprises to invest in trade promotion, application of advanced technologies in production to improve productivity, quality and ensure food hygiene and safety. In addition, the Department has solutions to support production linkages along the sustainable value chain, at the same time supporting enterprises in building brand protection, promotin of image, potential, strengths and consumption. However, in addition to the "leverage" factor, the enterprises still have to self-explore and promote creativity and internal strength, contributing to the local economic development.

Thuy Trang