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"Gifts” from the spring at Van Mieu commune

Monday, 2020-01-27 21:58:06
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PTO - Spring has come. At this time, the  young green buds are starting to sprout at all tea hills in Van Mieu commune, Thanh Son district, preparing to create a unique brand  tea of this land.

For generations, tea trees in Van Mieu commune have become a key crop, helping to improve the lives of farmers here, gradually contributing to poverty reduction in the locality. By the accumulated experience in the production process and the initiative in applying scientific and technical advances, famers have changed from traditional production to production under safe process.


Mr. Dang Dinh Thanh - Director of Van Mieu tea cooperative said: “Soil is very important to decide the quality of tea product. Therefore, the members of the cooperative have selected the area with good soil to experiment new varieties of tea. The households will ensure a stable material source of input and output. Currently, the cooperative directly manages 20ha of tea and links with 120 households with an area of 75ha. On average, each 1ha of production under the safe process erns about VND100 million, 2 times higher than traditional production. Thereby, bringing a better life to members of cooperatives and ethnic minorities here.”


So far, the tea harvested area of stable households in Van Mieu is 270ha, with an average yield of 14 tons/ ha. In order to promote the tea tree's economic efficiency, the commune encourages local people to replace barren tea varieties by high quality varieties; planning the production areas according to sustainable agricultural standards by the organic production process; at the same time, developing safe and clean goods' brand with a foothold in the market, contributing to increasing the commune's average per capita of VND26.1 million/ person/ year, reducing the rate of poor households by 8.65%, the near-poor households by 15.28%.


Nature grants tea hills to Van Mieu. Spring comes, the tea tree sprouting buds after the winter dormancy creates green spring tea buds, which will become quality products - a precious gift that nature gives people here.

Thanh Nga