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“Gold” pomelo welcomes Tet

Friday, 2020-01-10 07:48:16
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Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien's family in Chi village, Chi Dam commune, Doan Hung district grew 40 Suu pomelo trees, earning over VND200 million this year.

PTO - The end of the year is the time when Doan Hung pomelos start gradually turning from green to shiny yellow, signaling the harvest season. This is the result of diligence and hard work of farmers who stick to the pomelo trees all year round. Currently, the district owns a total area of 2,450ha of pomelos, including 1,400ha of 2 specialty pomelo varieties of Suu Chi Dam and Bang Luan. In 2019, the district's output of pomelos was estimated at 20,000 tons, an increase of about 11% compared to 2018 with the revenue of about VND300 billion.

Visiting to Chi village, the "capital" of Suu pomelo variety in Chi Dam commune, everyone witness the fruitful pomelo gardens along the romantic Lo river, attracting so many traders. This is a precious pomelo variety, many people call it named "premium" because of its "fastidiousness" in planting, caring and higher selling price than other pomelo varieties here. Each fruit has an average selling price of VND55,000 to VND60,000, or even a hundreds of thousands of dong on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, yet not enough to supply. The whole Chi village has been harvesting over 20ha from 10 to 20 year-old pomelo trees with the best fruit quality and high economic value.

By the support of Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the active participation of the authorities, pomelo growers have studied and proficiently used the artificial pollination method, helping to increase the rate of fruiting, no longer depending on the natural. Thus, the economic efficiency of this tree is increasingly asserted. Currently, an average of 1 ha of specialty pomelo of Doan Hung gives an income of VND400 - VND600 million , 6 times higher than that of rice and 5 times higher than that of tea.


Quality of its fruit has been improved, its consumer market has been increasingly expanded to neighboring provinces and cities. From lunar November to February, Doan Hung pomelo starts come onto the market with a large numbers, with the peak of Tet holiday accounts for about 50% of production. The pomelo consumpt on this occasion own a higher price than that of the beginning of the season, also requiring a higher design and quality.

Visiting to Doan Hung these days, the shiny yellow pomelo gardens in the spring like holding the tourists to stay longer to joint in the laughter of farmers. The happy faces of pomelo growers in a bumper crops seem to be a signal for a happy new year.

Ha Nhung