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Technological applications in consumption of agricultural products

Saturday, 2020-03-21 22:10:14
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PTO - Currently, the application of information technology in the consumption of agricultural products and foodstuffs in the province plays an important role, creating a new and modern business method, bringing high economic efficiency.

As one of the early cooperatives to use social networks to expand consumption markets, the online sales page of Xuan Phuc General Agricultural Services Cooperative in Xuan Ang commune, Ha Hoa district has attracted thousands of people to access and order products; helping the cooperatives's business stably develop.

The trend of introducing agricultural products and foodstuffs online has been increasingly implemented by many enterprises, businesses and production facilities as well as individuals. Nowadays, consumers needn't go to traditional markets, supermarkets, food stores yet still order essential foods to meet daily needs.

To exploit the potential of e-commerce in the province, Phu Tho has put into operation an e-commerce trading floor at, thereby, facilitate enterprises, production and business facilities to regularly update products to consumers, contributing to improving the competitiveness in the domestic and international markets; creating an output connection on the Internet; making online shopping more popular; encouraging enterprises to apply e-commerce in production and business activities.

Thanks to the e-commerce website, enterprises, cooperatives and production households in the province can conduct e-transactions and e-contracts with many customers at the same time without spending too much time, negotiation cost, reducing intermediary distribution stages. Regular updates of customers' tastes, competitors' products also help enterprises, cooperatives and production households innovate technology, improve designs as well as the quality of products and services.

Previously, when agricultural products and foodstuffs reached the consumers, it was difficult to trace the origin of the products. However, in the past few years, many cooperatives and production, processing and trading facilities in the province have sticked of QR stamps and barcode for agricultural products such as Tu Xa safe vegetables, Tu Vu safe vegetables, Doan Hung pomelo, etc. and brought them into big supermarket systems such as Vinmart, Vinmart, CoopMart, BigC, etc.

Technological application in consumption of agricultural products and foodstuffs has contributed to diversifying consumption channels, expanding markets, targeting many customers of different classes. This is also a future development trend of the market.

Quan Lam