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Proactively removing difficulties,  and boosting industrial production during Covid-19 pandemic

Wednesday, 2020-04-08 08:41:11
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PTO- Recently, along with efforts to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the health and safety of workers; all levels, sectors and enterprises in the whole province have actively removed difficulties on materials supply as well as consumption markets in order to boost production and business activities.

Grasping the spirit of "fighting against COVID-19 like fighting against the enemy" along with stablizing production and business activities of enterprises and thought of workers, Management Board of Industrial Zones of districts, town and city have been closely following the direction of the province, departments and branches, requiring domestic and foreign invested enterprises to actively disseminate to employees, effectively implementing the COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures, especially Chinese employees returning from their hometown after Tet holidays to work. At the same time, closely monitor and supervise the health situation of workers, promptly report to health facilities of suspected cases or those returning from epidemic-hit areas.

By proactive disease control plans, most enterprises ensure the production activities, job and income of workers. Enterprises employing foreign workers must strictly comply with the current regulations of the Covid-19 prevention.

There are over 8000 enterprises in the whole province, contributing over 70% to the total State budget revenue, creating jobs for over 100,000 employees. Therefore, enterprises in not only industrial zones but also industrial clusters in many districts, town and city are highly determined  to overcome difficulties during the COVID- 19 pandemic.


Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh - Head of Management Board of the provincial Industrial Zone said: “So far, COVID-19 pandemic has not much affected on production, business and export activities of enterprises in the industrial zones. There is not yet employees with signs and symptoms of Covid-19. However, the Management Board has also encouraged enterprises to find alternative sources of imported goods to take initiative in production materials, minimizing impacts to production and business activities and the set growth targets.

Regarding on the situation of industrial production in the province, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, said: the Department encouraged domestic business associations and foreign-invested enterprises to support each other in terms of raw material sources, product consumption and export orders. In 2020, the whole province would focus on removing difficulties for enterprises to maintain production and business activities, creating a favorable environment to promote industrial development, striving to raise industrial-construction added value to VND18,734 billion, increasing the export turnover to USD 2.2 billion and more.

Mai Phuong