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Small and medium enterprises on the new chance

April, 2017-04-21 23:02:26
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Account for 95% enterprises, the role of the small and medium enterprises (SME) are high accessed for the economic development of the country in general and Phu Tho province in particular. In the integration process more and more depth of the world economic, more chances and challenge, the SME has been active prepared to continue strong develop on the impact of the new world business environment.

At present, the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) which has been being conversation and sigh by Vietnam, will bring more opportunities but also set challenges for enterprises especially the SME. The FTAs bring the big chance, transference business environment, more equivalent; enterprises could be the world entrepreneurs and easy to access partners, advertising, trade promotion, join the global value chain… However, enterprises and SME of Phu Tho are facing with trade tariff, the complex of the intellectual property, the ability competition…

On the situation, Phu Tho has make all condition to encourage enterprises development such as supply information’s, machinery, policy of Party and State; help them to access, better finding the capital resources through cooperation on trade promotion; do projects to help them improve the ability competition on the country and the world; advertising images, brand of enterprises, expanding to investigate the market; calling aid, organizing the linked support on the enterprise community, step by step building the machinery system, economic policy to deal enterprises’ difficulties; making the favorable condition for the development and early integration of provincial enterprises with the countries in the region and in the world.

The enterprises realize that the opportunity itself couldn’t transform the economic power, thus it must start from the effort and effective operation of enterprises, as well as the impact of difficulties and challenges much or less based on the ability to cope of enterprises. The SME of Phu Tho has strictly changed technology, ability management so as to have the sense of initiative in the integration. Mr. Nguyen Manh Than – Chairman of the SME Association affirmed “The main task of the SME is complete the production’s target, care for the life of labors, continue to apply high-tech to improve the quality of the human resource, expand the market, access import markets.”

Ngoc Tue Construction and Trade Ltd. Co creates job for over 30 labors

The capital investment is not much in recent years, the SMEs has been established and developed at sectors, to create job and increase the income for the labors, to mobilize all capital for the investment development, more contribute to the safe and security social and deploy potentials, strengthens of rural areas… in 2016, the total goods value of the SME reached VND.183 billions; pay to the State budget estimated VND 183 billions, pay the social insurance for labors was VND 4,6 billions, aid for the charity activities was VND 20,4 billions.

More enterprises has a signal to re-grow after the difficult period, it is demonstrated that the business strategy is correct. Doing the target of production and business in 2016 like as other enterprises in the provincial, Ngoc Tue Construction and Trade Ltd. Co met quite challenges because the variation of economic, products of this factory has the strictly competition with the same products on the market. However, the company actively to control the market, build and perform the new production and business strategies. Thus, the company operation overcome the difficult period and high grew compare to the same period year.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tue – Director of the company told that starting from the small business, after 10 years, now the company has the store system and equipments which able to meet the consumers’ requirement inside and outside province. The company produces  plate for the construction market such as 6 plate waves, 11 plate waves, white plastics… and build the plate production 3 layers and resists the copyright on the market. The revenue is increasing yearly; in 2016 the revenue was VND 60 billion, the average salary was over 4,5 million/person/month, do the task to the State budget on the relegation.

Phu Tho Textile Ltd. Co has increased the scale and production

Beside the company’ effort, in the current period, to strengthen the power, the SMEs trends of linking, solidarity, helping each other on the cooperation, supporting capital, advisory law; supporting human resource, technology, equipments.. to open the market so as create the SME powerful with detail action orientation, usually combination to do. Actively cooperated with big enterprises in the domestic and foreign to get capital, technology, market; linked to joint supplication chain or production network.

In the condition is meetings more challenge, but standing on the opportunities and new chances, we believe that the enterprises community, entrepreneurs will try more and more to develop the active, push up the production and business effective, contribute more to the State budget and successfully implement the industrialization, modernization of the country as well as Phu Tho province.