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Building trust and confidence among investors

May, 2017-05-09 20:22:26
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In recent years, attracting investment has been taking breakthrough development steps, making Phu Tho become one of the most investment attractions in the region of northern midland and mountainous provinces. Making significant contributions to the success are Industrial Zones (IZs)and Industrial Clusters (ICs) in the province. Under close leadership of the provincial authority, operationof the Provincial Management Board of Industrial Zones has created confidence among investors.

It may be said that development of industrial zones is associated with perfecting mechanism and organizational structure of the Provincial Management Board of Industrial Zones. Since its establishment, the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) has issued decisions on the functions, duties and organizational structure of the Provincial Management Board of Industrial Zones to suit each specific stage of development.

From only 2 professional departments in the past i.e. Administrative Office and Operations Department, until now the organizational structure of the Board consists of 6 professional departments and 2 administrative units to implement the direct state management function to the industrial zones in the province.

At present, the Provincial Management Board of  Industrial Zones is assigned by the PPC to manage 7 industrial zones in the province and 2 industrial clusters i.e. Bach Hac and Dong Lang. With its functions, the Board has implemented planning and attracting investment in 5 industrial zones on a total area of 1,415 ha; building the infrastructure of 4 industrial zones including Thuy Van, Trung Ha, Phu Ha, Cam Khe and 2 industrial clusters including Bach Hac with 79 ha and Dong Lang with 24 ha. Particularly, Phu Ha Industrial Zone which is invested by Viglacera Corporation has completed construction of its infrastructure on the area of 52 ha. Cam Khe Industrial Zone is building the access road and drainage pump station. The land filling rate of Thuy Van Industrial Zone, Trung Ha Industrial Zone, Phu Ha Industrial Zone, Dong Lang Industrial Cluster and Bach Hac Cluster is 95%, 46.5%, 5.5%, 100% and 75.6% respectively.

To effectively attract investment, the Provincial Management Board of Industrial Zones has reinforced administrative reform with a focus on reform of administrative procedures towards simple, time-saving procedures for investment and corporation establishment to implement projects and the other procedures related to construction, production - business of the enterprises. In 2016, the Board completed development and promulgation of the administrative reform plan and the administrative procedure control plan. The Board has submitted to the PPC Chairman to issue decisions of administrative procedures in the field of investment, labour, and trade under the jurisdiction of the Board while deploying application of the consistent document management and operation software in the whole system. In addition, the Board also continues perfecting the “one-door” system and applying the electronic “one-door”; system at level 3 for the administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the Board.

In 2017, the Provincial Management Board of Industrial Zones set the targets of attracting 10 projects including 7 domestic projects with registered investment capital of VND 700 billion and 3 foreign projects with registered investment capital of USD 50 million; attracting investment projects in infrastructure construction of Phu Ninh Industrial Zone and Cam Khe. Industrial Zone; filling land for 50% of Trung Ha Industrial Zone, 80% of Bach Hac Industrial Cluster; 20% of Phu Ha Industrial Zone and Cam Khe Industrial Zone; and commencing infrastructure construction of Cam Khe Industrial Zone and PhuNinh Industrial Zone…

To accomplish these goals, the Board will focus on improving the effectiveness of support, promoting investment attraction in industrial zones and clusters, and supporting investment attraction in industrial zones in the districts and towns.