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Thu Rong communal house relic site and its cultural values

May 15, 2018

PTO- Thu Rong (Head of the dragon) commune house in Yen Lang commune, Thanh Son district worships Tan Vien (the God of the mountain named Son Tinh) and his assistances...

Yen Lap promotes cultural identities of ethnic groups

May 14, 2018

PTO - Yen Lap is a mountainous district where there are 17 ethnic groups. Among them, ethnic minorities account for more than 70% of the population

Traditional rowing race 2018 on Lo river

April 24, 2018

PTO- Within the framework of the Hung Kings’ death anniversary - Hung Kings Temple Festival 2018, on April 24th (lunar March 9th), at the Tam Giang Temple, Bach Hac Ward, Viet Tri city

Rehearsal of the Street Folk Festival 2018

April 19, 2018

PTO- On the evening of April 19th (the 4th of March in lunar calendar), Organization Board of the festival held a rehearsal of Viet Tri street folk Festival 2018.

The master program of Hung King's Temple Festival 2018

April 17, 2018

The village festival in the spring

March 25, 2018

PTO- Phu Tho, the original land of Vietnam, has preserved many special cultural values of the village festival, bringing the characteristics of rice cultivation in Hung Kings era so far.

The eternity Xoan melody

March 21, 2018

PTO- Visiting to Dao Xa commune in Thanh Thuy district on the occasion of the village festivals in the lunar January and February,

Elephant Procession Festival in Dao Xa

March 20, 2018

PTO- According to the legend, Hung Hai was the 19th younger brother of Hung King, and the governor of Tam Giang (adjoining land of the Da River, the Red River, and the Bau River), including Dao Xa, Hung Hoa and Tho Xuyen communes.

Visiting Cheo temple festival in Thanh Uyen commune

March 13, 2018

PTO- Every year, in the spring, wherever people of Nam Cuong village, Thanh Uyen commune, Tam Nong district live or work, they also come back home to join the Cheo temple festival.

Preserving the beauty of Cao Lan culture

March 05, 2018

PTO- Doan Hung district is the home of over 3,000 Cao Lan ethnic people, living in the communes of Tay Coc, Yen Kien, Hung Long, Van Don, Minh Phu and Ngoc Tan village in Ngoc Quan commune – the most crowed place.

"Hung King taught people to cultivate rice" festival opens

March 03, 2018

PTO- On the morning of March 2nd (ie lunar January 15th), at Tich Dien relic site in Minh Nong ward, Viet Tri city, the "Hung King taught people to cultivate rice" festival