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“Heritage” on Lang Chuong paddy field

November 02, 2017

PTO- Recognized as a heritage plant in early 2013, the Barringtonia acutangula in Chuong Xa Commune, Cam Khe District is a pride of local people because of its cultural and historical values

Cam Khe craft village

October 12, 2017

PTO- Cam Khe district is home of people from many regions. They carried the name of their land, their village and even their traditional occupation

The draft plan on organizing the 2018 Hung King Temple Festival

October 10, 2017

PTO- On October 9th, Mr. Ha Ke San, Member of Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired the meeting on the draft plan to organize the 2018 Hung King Temple Festival

Chu Hung temple - A place to store historical and cultural values

September 01, 2017

PTO- Ha Hoa district is a home of many relics, in which Chu Hung temple contains a great value in terms of art, history as well as culture.

Mooncake making in Phu Tho town

August 31, 2017

PTO- The mooncake making business in Phu Tho town appeared long time ago. Many families has been making mooncake for 4 to 5 generations. From lunar July

Focusing on preservation and promotion of values of Phu Tho Xoan Singing

August 29, 2017

PTO- In the afternoon of August 29th, Mr. Ha Ke San - Vice Chairman of the Phu Tho People's Committee chaired the conference...

Essence of PhuTho communal houses

August 28, 2017

PTO- PhuTho is the ancestral land of Vietnamese ethnic, still preserve many original architectural monuments associated with the culture...

Traditional bamboo-weaving handicraft in Ba Dong village

August 26, 2017

PTO- In the middle of August, we visited Nguyen Van Hien's family at hamlet 14, Hoang Xa commune, Thanh Thuy district.

Unique cultural identity of the Vietnamese

August 24, 2017

PTO- Hung King is a wise man in the Vietnamese’s mind. Worship of Hung Hung King becomes the cultural identity of the Vietnamese people.

Development of Du Ba carpentry handicraft village

August 22, 2017

PTO- Tuy Loc commune, Cam Khe district, has long been famous for Du Ba handicraft village. Since the 19th century, at the beginning...

The man who keeps the incense burning at worship sites

August 21, 2017

PTO- Every December, the Hung King Temple relic site holds a unique competition for the elderly around the region for the place of temple guardian

Electronic One-Stop Shopping in Viet Tri city: new breakthrough, high efficiency

PTO- Publicity and transparency of administrative procedures at the One-Stop Shopping of the city create favorable conditions and satisfaction for organizations and citizens. (September 22, 2017)

Lo River Victory Monument (October 23, 2017)
Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Hoang Dan Mac visits and... (October 12, 2017)