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Co Tiet Communal House

November 28, 2018

PTO- Co Tiet communal house is also known as Thuong communal house, located in Area 5, Co Tiet commune, Tam Nong district with a total area of over 2000m2. The communal house was built in 1725 under the Le -Mac dynasty, to worship the Five Dragon Kings - five sons of the 5th Hung King.

Country’s love is expressed by each cake

November 23, 2018

PTO- Hung Lo Commune, Viet Tri City has long been known for making noodles and traditional cakes. Despite its unknown origin, for many Hung Lo villagers...

Muong’s beautiful culture in Thuong Cuu

November 20, 2018

PTO - Thuong Cuu is an upland commune of Thanh Son District, where over 80% population is Muong ethnic people. More than 10 old stilt houses ...

Nha Ba Temple in Tien Du commune

October 21, 2018

PTO- Nha Ba temple in Tien Du commune, Phu Ninh district worships two princesses Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa, daughters of 18th Hung King. The temple was ranked as the provincial historical and cultural monuments in 1999 by Phu Tho People’s Committee.

Van Luong Temple’s Legend

October 11, 2018

PTO- Van Luong Temple is located in Group 7, Van Phu Ward, Viet Tri City. It was built in the Later Le Dynasty (18th century) and restored in the Nguyen Dynasty (19th century)...

Inauguration ceremony of Ho Chi Minh President relic site in Yen Kien Commune, Doan Hung District

October 01, 2018

PTO- In the atmosphere of the 73rd anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Independence Day of 02 September, Doan Hung District has organized the inauguration of Ho Chi Minh President relic site in Yen Kien Commune, Doan Hung District. 

Culture and tourism delegation of Laos pays a working trip to Phu Tho province

September 24, 2018

PTO - Recently, the delegation of the Department of Information, Culture and Tourism, tourism enterprises in 3 provinces i.e  Phongsaly, Oudomxay, Luang Prabang (Lao PDR) led by Phonsavanh Phanthavichit...

Visiting Kha Cuu to learn the story of Giao Vau battle

September 11, 2018

PTDT – Kha Cuu commune, Thanh Son district which is the center of the three Cuu area (Dong Cuu, Kha Cuu, Thuong Cuu), maintains many traditional cultural and historical values...

Communal houses

August 21, 2018

PTO - Communal house is a place of worshipping the tutelary of a village, where takes place traditional festivals and cultural activities of the local people. Communal house is considered as the symbol of the village...

Khuat Lao Cave, Past and Present

July 18, 2018

PTO - According to the historical records, after having overthrown the Liang Dynasty's rule, in February 544 Ly Bi founded Van Xuan State, proclaimed himself as the emperor Ly Nam De, and chose Dan Phuong land (Hanoi) as the capital.

Opening Xoan training classes for elementary and middle school music teachers

July 10, 2018

PTO- In the morning of 9th July, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism coordinated with the Department of Education and Training to open the Xoan training classes

Coming to Dao ethnic village

PTO- Coming to the center of the commune, we continue to go about 3km, crossing curved road to the Dao ethnic village in Dong Cuu commune, Thanh Son district. (October 19, 2018)

CPTPP to come into force in late 2018 (November 02, 2018)
Taking advatage of the tourism development potential of Thanh Son... (November 09, 2018)