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Huong Tram communal house

December 18, 2017

PTO- Huong Tram is one of 4 big communal houses of Duu Lau ward, Viet Tri city, worshiping Quy Minh King, Thanh Phi Holy Mother and Bao Hoa princess in the Hung Kings era.

Inauguration ceremony of Tu Vu Victory Monument

December 04, 2017

PTO- On December 2nd, the Provincial People's Committee celebrated the inauguration of the Tu Vu victory monument in Tu Vu Commune, Thanh Thuy district.

Thuong Temple in Thuy Van village

November 09, 2017

PTO - Thuy Van commune, Viet Tri city has a long history with many temples, pagodas, especially Thuong temple – a relic of the Hung King dynasty

Khang Phu temple

September 11, 2017

PTO- Hung Vuong temple, also known as Khang Phu temple, located in Khang Phu village, Chu Hoa commune, Viet Tri city, worships three mountain gods: Cao Son, Vien Son and At Son.

Ha Thach handicraft village

September 11, 2017

PTO- For many years, Ha Thach - craft village of the banh, bun has stably maintained and developed. A number of families invested in modern machine

Traditional Rowing festival of Phu Tho province in the Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups’ culture and tourism

September 03, 2017

PTO- On September 3rd, on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Chu Hung temple - A place to store historical and cultural values

September 01, 2017

PTO- Ha Hoa district is a home of many relics, in which Chu Hung temple contains a great value in terms of art, history as well as culture.

Mooncake making in Phu Tho town

August 31, 2017

PTO- The mooncake making business in Phu Tho town appeared long time ago. Many families has been making mooncake for 4 to 5 generations. From lunar July

Focusing on preservation and promotion of values of Phu Tho Xoan Singing

August 29, 2017

PTO- In the afternoon of August 29th, Mr. Ha Ke San - Vice Chairman of the Phu Tho People's Committee chaired the conference...

Essence of PhuTho communal houses

August 28, 2017

PTO- PhuTho is the ancestral land of Vietnamese ethnic, still preserve many original architectural monuments associated with the culture...

Traditional bamboo-weaving handicraft in Ba Dong village

August 26, 2017

PTO- In the middle of August, we visited Nguyen Van Hien's family at hamlet 14, Hoang Xa commune, Thanh Thuy district.

Phu Tho creates trust for investors

PTO- In recent years, there have been many breakthroughs in attracting investment into Phu Tho province, making the province become one of outstanding investment attraction in the northern midlands and mountainous region. (November 27, 2017)

Blow to tobacco control treaty as industry wins tax fight... (November 28, 2017)
Groundbreaking ceremony of the IC11 intersection of the Noi Bai... (November 27, 2017)