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Ha Hoa district preserves and promotes cultural values

Tuesday, 2017-09-19 14:39:04
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Worship of the Mother Au Co at Au Co temple in Hien Luong commune is the first the national intangible cultural heritage of Ha Hoa district.

PTO- Ha Hoa is a region of culture and history which is associated with the Hung King era. Ha Hoa has a diversified system of tangible and intangible heritage. Therefore, for many years, Ha Hoa district has always paid much attention to preserving and promoting the values of cultural heritage. There are 85 monuments in Ha Hoa district, 9 monuments of which ranked at the national level, and 13 at provincial level. In particular, these tangible cultural heritages contain unique artistic architecture and aesthetic value.

The Mother Au Co temple is the most famous destination of spiritual tourism associated with Au Co and Lac Long Quan legend in Hien Luong commune. It is ranked as a national historical-cultural relics by the Ministry of Culture and Information. Local people also hold the Mother Au Co temple Festival on 7th of Lunar January every year. Along with the worshipping ceremony, there are many sports activities and interesting folk games, attracting thousands of visitors.

Besides, Ha Hoa district is a home of many relics such as the Dong communal house, Nghe temple in Van Lang commune worshiping two talented generals Le Thi A Lan and Le Anh Tuan, Chu Hung temple in Am Ha commune, White temple in Hau Bong commune, Thuong temple in Thuong commune, etc. Ha Hoa district is also the location of well-known war zones in the resistance war against the French colonialists such as Van-Hien Luong war zone in Hien Luong Commune, 10 war zone  in the communes of Dai Pham, Ha Luong, Gia Dien, Am Ha, etc. The district is also known by the famous tourist destinations of Ao Gioi - Suoi Tien, and Ao Chau lagoon. These sites have been planned, invested, upgraded its facilities, and enhanced the diversification of tourism products.

In order to preserve and promote cultural heritage values, the district has well implemented the dissemination and mobilization local people in the preservation of various kinds of heritages in the localities, conducting the restoration that's not impact to its values.

Cam Viet