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“Heritage” on Lang Chuong paddy field

Thursday, 2017-11-02 15:32:51
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Barringtonia acutangula heritage. 

PTO- Recognized as a heritage plant in early 2013, the Barringtoniaacutangula in Chuong Xa Commune, Cam Khe District is a pride of local people because of its cultural and historical values related to Hung Kings reign.

This heritage is located on a 500-square-meter island as known as Go Tho Temple. The Barringtonia population consists of 91 large and imposing trees with exuberant green branches and leaves, their roots gather closely as a circle and their trunks grow towards many directions. From a far distance, the cluster of the trees looks like a turtle swimming on the water. However, from two hills which are called as Elephant Hill and Ant Hill by the Chuong Xa people, it looks like a round dish of sticky rice. Barringtonia flowers in two seasons i.e. May – June and August – September. On the flowering seasons, Barringtonia burst in red, and become prominent amidst the green of the field. The flowers bloom from the afternoon to night. In tomorrow morning, the flowers fell down, covering the ground, floating on the water like a brilliant red carpet. In the heritage population of Barringtonia, there is an ancient tomb of Tien Dung Princess - Lady Duong Thi Que. The tomb is noted to be built in October 1061. Throughout generations, the local people in the village tell an emotional story about this sacred ancient tomb. Mr. Ngan, a village elder said: "My family has had many years to look after this temple. When I was young, I was told by my grandparents that: In Chuong Xa, King Hung first came to Tam Thanh mound and later to Dinh Thuong and stationed his troops here. In the water season, Tien Dung Princess often went sightseeing on pleasure – boat. Later, when the princess died, the people built a high altar to worship her.


Go Tho Temple, Thuong Temple, and Hoi Dong Temple belong to the historical vestiges of Chuong Xa commune - where the monuments of the Hung King were once saved. The position of the communal house and temples in three places form a triangle, which is said to be like a tripod - a solid stand, symbolizing the strength and durability of the land bearing strong historical values. Chuong Xa people, who have a long tradition of culture and a devoted admiration for the sacred historical values. This tradition has been increasingly promoted by the local people for thousands of years. Therefore, the heritage population of Barringtonia and Tien Dung Princess Temple is considered by the people here as a treasure. The people have always tried their best to protect, maintain, sincerely worship and hand down to future generations.  

Xuan Huy