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Exciting Phet festival in Hien Quan

Wednesday, 2018-02-28 22:42:46
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PTO- On the afternoon of February 28th, (lunar January 13th), thousands of tourists inside and outside the province come to Hien Quan Commune, Tam Nong District to attend the Phet festival - The annual event has been celebrated for decades to commemorate Thieu Hoa princess, a female general who helped the Trung Sisters, fight against northern invaders.


There are 4 main parts in Hien Quan Phet festival: leading the procession altar and palanquin to the communal house, incense-burning ceremony, dividing into two teams and catching '"phet". This year, the first three steps remain unchanged but the way of catching "phet" has changed. According to regulations, the people in the commune selected 200 young men divided into two teams. Only members of the two teams and referees can participate in the event. The members should not have violent actions such as punching, kicking...


After the rituals at the altar, the "phet" ball was brought outside the sandy beach of the Red River, next holding up and then everyone starts catching. The person catching this ball will be lucky all year. According to the Organizing Committee of the Phet festival, many months ago, the propaganda has been promoted, leading people to participate in civilized festival without scramble, violence. Especially, this year, the forces in charge of security and management of business services are strengthened in order to keep the festival to be safe, civilized, creating a good impression of people and visitors. During the festival, besides the Phet activity, many cultural and artistic, sports activities are also held exciting, attracting a number of people, visitors to take part in.


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