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Paying tribute to the merits of the Fore Mother Au Co

Thursday, 2018-02-22 15:15:40
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PTO- On Feb. 22nd (lunar January 7th) in Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa District People's Committee held a festival to honor the Great Mother Au Co. Attending the event were members of Phu Tho provincial Standing Party Committee, leaders of departments, branches, agencies, localities and tourists.

The beginning of the Great Mother Au Co Festival 2018 was a palanquin procession from communal house to Au Co temple to express the gratitude for the merits of Great Mother Au Co and praying for favourable weather conditions, bumper crops and prosperous country.


The female mandarin offering ceremony was the highlight of the festival. The female ritualist team consists of 21 young, beautiful, talent girls in colorful dress, gold lamé hats, silk belts. The officiating priest is in red dress.

The legendary of Lac Long Quan and Au Co honors the Fairy Dragon origin of the Vietnamese nation, bearing a deep cultural significance. It also is cultural identity of the Vietnamese people. That legend has become a solid spiritual foundation, preserved and promoted by the Vietnamese generations through the strength, passionatism, solidarity, being brave to fight to nature and all enemies to protect and build the beautiful and powerful Vietnam Fatherland.


Au Co Temple Festival is one of the major festivals in the early spring, opening for many special events in the province. After the ceremony, the festival was taken place with many art and cultural activities and folk games bearing the traditional national cultural identity of the Vietnam.







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