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"Hung King taught people to cultivate rice" festival opens

Saturday, 2018-03-03 16:04:50
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Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang, Chairman of Viet Tri city People's Council and leaders of the city offered incense to commemorate the Hung Kings at the Tich Dien relic site

PTO- On the morning of March 2nd (ie lunar January 15th), at Tich Dien relic site in Minh Nong ward, Viet Tri city, the "Hung King taught people to cultivate rice" festival was held with the attendance of leaders of Viet Tri city and local people.


The rituals of the festival.

Before 1945, this event is an annually festival. After dozens of years of interruption, the local government and people strived to restore it from 1993 to 2000. Since then, due to many reasons, the festival has not been held annually yet. The festival is a spiritual cultural activity that express in- deep gratitude to the great merit of the Hung Kings who taught the people how to agricultural cultivation in the beginning of building the country. This is also a basis for the province to build and submitte the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism to approve the festival as a national intangible cultural heritage in the coming time. 


The rites of calling back the Hung Kings’ soul.

At the festival, the rituals part was solemnly reappeared by the leaders of Minh Nong ward and other classes of people, especially the demonstration of Hung Kings taught the people to cultivate rice. This festival is unique, typical of the beginning of the wet rice farming of Vietnamese people, associated with the Hung King era. After the rituals, the festival with competitions and folk games attracted local people and visitors. The restoration of the festival will contribute to preserving the cultural traditions of the nation and creating more highlights in the process of building Viet Tri become a festival city.


The “Hung King taught people to cultivate rice” performance.

2 days before the festival, Minh Nong ward has held many art and cultural and sport activities attracting local people, creating exciting atmosphere in the festival.


The teams competed in transplanting rice seedlings 


The unicorn dance performance created the excitement in the festival


The festival attracted local people


The game of pot hitting while blindfolded attracted many participants.



Hong Nhung