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The eternity Xoan melody

Wednesday, 2018-03-21 15:08:44
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Xoan Singing Club of Dao Xa temple

PTO- Visiting to Dao Xa commune in Thanh Thuy district on the occasion of the village festivals in the lunar January and February, we are so intersted in enjoying the deeply Xoan melody of members of Dao Xa Xoan singing club at the yard of the temple.

Xoan Club of Dao Xa was officially recognized as the provincial Xoan Singing Club since 2010 with 12 members, so far, the club has mobilized 40 participants with all ages and social composition.

To take effectiveness in the operation, members are enthusiastic, meeting each other 3 times per month to practice. Mr. Bui Xuan Dong, head of the club said: "We regularly organize art and cultural exchange activities for local teams to create an environment for Xoan singing to spread and truly enter into daily life of the people, contributing to maintaining the club and further developing for the younger generation."

Every year, the club participates in cultural activities in the framework of the Hung Kings Temple festival; achieving many awards; having a chance to exchange, learn experience from other clubs in the province, and perform Xoan singing in many places in the district.

The flow of the legendary ancestral land will never dry up thanks to these next generations who give their heart to Xoan melody.

Thu Huong