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Visiting Cheo temple festival in Thanh Uyen commune

Tuesday, 2018-03-13 08:15:50
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PTO- Every year, in the spring, wherever people of Nam Cuong village, Thanh Uyen commune, Tam Nong district live or work, they also come back home to join the Cheo temple festival.


Gheo singing at Cheo temple.

Cheo temple in Nam Cuong village, Thanh Uyen commune, Tam Nong district is recorgnized as a historical-cultural relic at provincial level according to Decision No. 1121/QĐ-UBND dated July 1st, 1995 by Phu Tho provincial People's Committee. The temple worships King Ngo Quyen - the famous king in the history of the nation with historical Bach Dang victory in 938, defeating the Southern Han troops, opening a new era of independence for the Vietnamese people.
According to legend, King Ngo Quyen and his prince were used going hunting, and having meal with local people at Nam Cuong area. After his death, local people built a temple at Cheo forest to commemorate his merits. Cheo temple located on a high hill. There is a lake leading to Nam Cuong lagoon in front of the temple. A thousand-year-old banyan tree standing at the gate gives the temple an extraordinarily ancient appearance. With the harmonious natural beauty, the temple became more sacred, forming a beautiful landscape, attracting visitors. Many traditional festivals are also taken place here every year, with an aim to preserve and develop the traditional cultural values of the nation.

There are 2 festival in a year: lunar April 18th (the anniversary of King Ngo Quyen's death) and lunar January 11th (Ngo Quyen became a King) - the main festival. The main festival takes place on lunar January 10th and 11th with many activities in both rituals and festival part to pray for a good weather, a prosperous nation and a peaceful and happy life. Besides, on the 30th or 14th of the lunar months, the temple also open for local people to offer incense. During these days,  Gheo singing - a typical folk song of the ascentral land - is also performed. Gheo singing is a form of love-exchange singing, performed by boys and girls in the spring, autumn, festive season and nights with bright moonlights. Its lyric contains the local people's desire of a good weather and the bumper crops, peace and happiness.
Many folk games are held to enhance community cohesion as well as to deepen the character of the spiritual culture of the Thanh Uyen people. The popular games are human chess, game of cards, swinging ... especially boat rowing. Thanks to the geographical location (locating in the triangular area forming by three rivers: the Red river, the Da river, and the Bua river), Tam Nong people in general and Thanh Uyen people in particular own the features of riverland resident. The boat rowing tradition has existed for a long time. According to the elders in the village, this tradition reflects the image of Ngo Quyen training his marine soldiers. Then, this spirit became the race of the people in the village.

The festival takes place in a sacred space, expressing the aspirations of peace, prosperity, bumper harvests. This annual festival is an opportunity for the local people to remember the talented king who preserved the nation, thereby educating the spirit of patriotism to the entire community and a sense of protection of traditional cultural values of the nation.

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