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Thu Rong communal house relic site and its cultural values

Tuesday, 2018-05-15 09:24:17
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Thu Rong communal house at present.

PTO- Thu Rong (Head of the dragon) commune house in Yen Lang commune, Thanh Son district worships Tan Vien (the God of the mountain named Son Tinh) and his assitances. In 2014, this relic site was recognized as a provincial cultural relics by the Provincial People’s Committee.

Despite many ups and downs of the history, the local people have preserved wooden casket containing documents, altar and worship throne, dating back to the early twentieth century. Mr. Dinh Son Hung, the guard of the communal house said: "There is no ancient documantations to determine the exact date of the communal house. However, basing on the remain documantations, we can guess the house was built in 1850. In 1948, the communal house was seriously damaged. In 2010, the house was restored and upgraded to match the provincial relics and a place of cultural activities of the people in the area."

Along with the meaningful tangible cultural values, the people of Yen Lang commune still retain the intangible cultural values associated with the relic. The festival day of the house is on lunar February 15th with many interesting folk games of the Muong ethnic people such as Con throwing, tug of war, crossbow shooting and other types of folk performances such as gong, Dam Duong, Rang singing and Vi singing.


Cultural activities in Thu Rong communal house Festival

At present, all facilities of the house has been severely degraded and its area does not meet the cultural activities of local people. The People's Committee of Yen Lang commune has submitted an application for renovation and embellishment of Thu Rong cultural relics with a total estimated investment of about VND3 billion.

Mr. Dinh Van Tinh, Chairman of Yen Lang commune People's Committee said: "Traditional festival of Thu Rong communal house owns a special value in the community cohesion, as well as a bridge between the past and the present, a form of education for the next generations to understand the merits of their ancestors and expressing their gratitude to the merits of national heroes and their predecessors who have built the country and the struggle for national liberation. The conservation and restoration of the house is very necessary. Therefore, the local government and people expect to receive support and contribution from donors in this restoration”.

In the coming time, Thanh Son district will focus on improving the management and conservation of historical cultural relic site in the area, maintaining and managing the cultural activities and festivals at these sites. Thu Rong historical relic has existed in associated with the existence and development of Yen Lang commune, generations of local people always bring into play the tradition of "When drinking water remember its source", respectfully preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values of the homeland in the socio-economic construction and development.

Dinh Tu