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Yen Lap promotes cultural identities of ethnic groups

Monday, 2018-05-14 21:36:02
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PTO - Yen Lap is a mountainous district where there are 17 ethnic groups. Among them, ethnic minorities account for more than 70% of the population. For long time ago, the community of each ethnic group has created and shaped their own cultural identities, making up the cultural diversity of the district. Nowadays, in the context of continuous development of the modern society, the ethnic groups in the district have day to day been integrating and learning selectively the advanced cultural values  for better development as well as maintaining and promoting traditional cultural values.
Mr. Hoang Manh Son, Head of the District Culture and Information Department, said: "Our district committee has strengthened propagandizing  and mobilizing people to raise their awareness of conservation and preservation of traditional cultural values such as Dancing Festival, Fieldwork Starting Festival, New Rice Congratulation Festival, Forest Opening Festival, Forest Closing Festival; folk performances such as “senh tien” dancing, turtle dancing, “giang”, “vi”, “ho du” singing, etc. Besides, the district has also built a plan to review and study traditional festivals, customs and practices of each ethnic group and  guild the commune authorities to coordinate with the local people to organize, restore and preserve the national cultural values."
The implementation of activities has made positive changes in the awareness of the people and the community about preserving and building the national cultural identities towards modernization while also preserving the traditional cultural beauties. The roles of village patriarchs, village chiefs and prestigious people in ethnic communities are improved in the propaganda and mobilization of ethnic minority people to preserve and promote the national cultural identities. The elderly people and folk artisans in the region have been interested in preserving and promoting traditional cultural values.


As one of the few artists still holding the drum dance, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hoach in Dong Thinh commune said: “Drum dance is a type of folk performances representing the cultural identities of the nation. I learned this dance from Mr. Nguyen Van Ly and have handed it down to next generations. At present, the commune still has a team drum dance making performances in festivals." Like Mr. Hoach, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thuong in Ngoc Dong Commune has taught thousands of people basic skills to organize a traditional folk festival of Muong people with his passion for arts and desire to preserve national cultural identities over the past 30 years.
Over the past time, the district has also carried out inventory of tangible and intangible cultural heritages of ethnic groups in the region. Many tangible and intangible cultural heritages have been protected and promoted such as Minh Hoa Hollow Relic; Phuc Co Minh Hoa Communal House; Ton Son, Mo Xuan, Xuan An Bases; heritage trees in Xuan An and Minh Hoa, etc. Through the scientific project for conservation and restoration of the cultural heritages and traditional festivals of ethnic minorities in the district, the organization of festivals is carried out thriftily and solemnly, in accordance with laws and traditional rituals to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere for people.
Folk cultural activities of the Muong ethnic group have been stimulated and promoted such as Gongs performance, “dam duong” ... as well as the festivals of Dao ethnic festivals such as dancing festival and “cap sac” festival. It thereby creates an ideal environment for the development of a healthy culture, building solidarity and unity among ethnic groups, raising the sense of preserving and promoting the traditional cultural beauties.

Ha Linh