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Tru Mat temple worshiping Warlord Kieu Cong Thuan

Thursday, 2018-06-14 22:31:58
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Palanquin procession and offering ritual.

PTO- Phu Tho town is home of many historical and cultural relics, including Tru Mat temple worshiping Warlord Kieu Cong Thuan, which is typical relic site, ranked as a national historical relic in 1999.

Trù Mật temple, also known as Làng (tomb) temple, was built in 960 ất Trụ Mặt village. Here is both a tomb and a temple worshiping Warlord Kiều Công Thuận,  a strong military commander and warlord, with a large and solid territory. He is also a famous historical figure in Phú Thọ province.


The offerings ritual in Tru Mat temple festival.

Every year, local people hold three festive days at this temple. The 4th of lunar January and the  18th of lunar February are the death and the birth anniversary of Warlord Kieu Cong Thuan. The 16th of lunar October was the inauguration anniversary of the temple and also the day King Dinh Tien Hoang confered a title on him, as well as celebrating a bumper crop.

Mr. Bui Van Minh, member of the management board of Tru Mat temple national historical relic said: "The festival is a chance for people in the village to pay tribute to the Warlord who sacrificed in exchange for a peaceful life for all. During these festive days, many folk games and cultural activities are held such as cockfigh, chess, tug of war, swinging, Cheo and Xam singing, etc.

Going through the ups and downs, the temple remains as a testament to history. The local people have been building, embellishing and preserving according to the tradition of “When drinking water, remember its source”.

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