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Restoring Moi dance

Tuesday, 2018-07-03 07:13:24
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A training session of Moi dance by the elderly at the cultural house.

PTO- Moi dance is a beautiful dance of Muong ethnic minority in Tan Phu commune, Tan Son district. According to the elderly in the village, this is a long-standing traditional dance, performed on the occasion of the beginning of spring, showing the grateful to gods who protect and grant a lucky  and prosperous year to people. However, this dance had been got lost for a half of a century. Therefore, since 2010, local people here, especially elderly, have strived all efforts to restore it.

There are 10 members in the Moi dance team. They are all elderly, together practicing basing on their memory of this dance when watching the previous generation's performances when they was a child. Therefore, these members by themselves had to study to harmonize movements, gongs and drums and keeping the traditional character of this dance.

The props for the dance include gongs, drums, tubes. Therefore, the dance team must have at least 10 people. Artisans wear traditional costumes. The dance takes place between 15 and 20 minutes. The special thing of the dance is so simple movement that everyone can join it. Therefore, the dance attracts and engages community in the village. According to Ms. Hoang Thi Huan, Chairwoman of Tan Phu commune's elderly association, on the occasion of spring festivals and ethnics culture festival, the team performs the dance to serve local people, while teaching the youngers to connect generations together and understand the traditional beauty of the homeland.

The aspirations and dreams of a happy life and praise of love have been showed through this dance by the Muong ethnic people. Therefore, the efforts of the elderly in Tan Phu commune in restoring the Moi dance has greatly contributed to the maintenance and preservation of cultural traditions of the Muong ethnic people in Tan Son district.

Hong Nhuan