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Visiting Kha Cuu to learn the story of Giao Vau battle

Tuesday, 2018-09-11 14:43:05
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The historical stele of the victory of Giao Vau battle in Kha Cuu commune, Thanh Son district. 

PTDT – Kha Cuu commune, Thanh Son district which is the center of the three Cuu area (Dong Cuu, Kha Cuu, Thuong Cuu), maintains many traditional cultural and historical values. Especially, it is famous for the victory of the historical Giao Vau battle.
According to the story of the people living in this village, in the past time, in Bai Lau village, Kha Cuu commune, the French colonialists set up Gie Choi military post, implemented demagogic policy, making the local people to believe in France. In that situation, on 6th of August 1948, the guerilla unit of Vo Kha, Thanh Son district attacked Choi military post. With lances and spikes made from bambusa nutans and the support of local people, the guerilla unit killed and injured six enemy soldiers, destroyed the enemy post, collected many weapons, freed people arrested, prevented the plot to establish “self-governing Muong region” of the enemy. In order to memorize the victory of the historical battle, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Party committee of Thanh Son district, the local authorities built the historical stele of the victory of Giao Vau battle. Since then, the historical stele has been the destination for people in the commune to gather and review the proud historical tradition of their homeland.

Vinh Ha