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Co Tiet Communal House

Wednesday, 2018-11-28 13:26:01
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Co Tiet communal house is aged of nearly 300 years old.

PTO- Co Tiet communal house is also known as Thuong communal house, located in Area 5, Co Tiet commune, Tam Nong district with a total area of over 2000m2. The communal house was built in 1725 under the Le -Mac dynasty, to worship the Five Dragon Kings - five sons of the 5th Hung King.

In 2000, Co Tiet communal house was recognized as a national monument. Its festival is annually held on lunar October 4th with the palanquin procession and the solemn rituals. The festival is held with many cultural and arts activities and folk games. The festival has a deep human meaning, reflecting the tradition of towards the origins, paying tribute to the ancestors' merit and praying for a happy life. 

The communal house was built in the ancient style, with many sculptures from the nineteenth century. At present, the communal house still preserves many precious relics from the Nguyen Dynasty.

Co Tiet communal house is also associated with the great events of Vietnam revolution and Uncle Ho. Here took place many talk shows of Mr.Tran Huy Lieu - Vice Chairman of Committee of National Liberation, Mr. Phan Anh - representative of Viet Minh; Mr. Bo Xuan Luat - Minister of Agriculture Ministry. Here is also a place to witness great events such as the establishment of the provisional administration and the first Party cells of Tam Nong district. This place was also used as a weapon warehouse of Division 316 in nearly 30 years. Particularly, during 15 days of working here, Uncle Ho held many disseminations and talk shows to local people at the yard of communal house. Witnessing many great events of Vietnam revolution, this place owns a great value  of both culture and history. 


Over the ups and downs of history, Co Tiet communal house was restored many times but it is still downgraded and damaged.

This communal house have been associated with the existence and development of Co Tiet commune in particular and Tam Nong district in general. The generations of local people here always promote the tradition of "when drinking water, remember its source", preserving and protecting the traditional cultural values of the homeland in socio-economic development.


Linh Nguyen