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Country’s love is expressed by each cake

Friday, 2018-11-23 14:05:34
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PTO- Hung Lo Commune, Viet Tri City has long been known for making noodles and traditional cakes. Despite its unknown origin, for many Hung Lo villagers, cake making is not only a trade for daily income but also an integral part of their life and a pride when talking about their home village.


Mrs. Cao Thi Dieu, Group 2, Tu Ngo Hamlet, Hung Lo Commune, has made the traditional Chung-cake for 30 years. In the past, her family was mainly doing agriculture while making cakes is just a part-time job to earn more at leisure time. However, her home-made Chung cake was beloved of many local people. Therefore, to meet the needs of them, she has gradually changed her main job from agricultural production to making Chung cake. To make delicious cakes, the most important step is choosing materials - Mrs. Dieu said. Besides, taking notice to add more water frequently during the boiling process.


Mrs. Dieu shared: To me, wrapping cake is also wrapping my love with my homeland and my responsibility to the predecessors of the trade village, so each cake is made with full of my love and enthusiasm. At present, each day her family uses 15-20kg of rice for making cakes. Especially, on the rush days, the number may be up to 05 quintals of rice, equivalent to about 1,500 cakes. She does business every day, and only takes one day off during the year on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Her total revenue from cake making is about 1.5 million – 5 million per day.


In her opinion, a delicious cake should have a green cover, a well – cooked stuffing, an even square shape and white strings. When cutting, the cake stuffing is in the middle with good smelling of meat, beans and pepper ... In addition to Chung cake, her family also make Gai, Mat, Rom and Day cakes. However, Chung cake is their main special product. Thanks to their high-quality and beautiful Chung cakes, many times she and her family members were selected to participate in the contests of making Chung – Day cakes on occasions of Hung King's Death Anniversary - Hung King's Temple Festival and won a lot of high prizes. Particularly, the most pride of Mrs. Dieu is that Mr. Nguyen Van Tu, one of her four sons, has succeeded her family's traditional career. Despite his young age, he was honored as a cake making artist many years ago…

Vinh Ha