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Spring journey to the Ancestral Land

Monday, 2019-02-25 16:34:47
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PTO - Phu Tho is the ancestral land with a rich and unique system of monuments and festivals. In the early days of spring, visiting to the ancestral land, visitors not only discover a sacred land with extraordinary people, paying tribute to the predecessors who built the country, but also have a chance to learn about "Worship of Hung Kings”, enjoying the heritage of Xoan singing and joining in the lively atmosphere of traditional festivals associated with the cultural values of the Hung Kings era.

The first stop that any Vietnamese wants to visit is the Special National Historical Relic Site of Hung King Temple, located in Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri city. In the early days of this spring, Hung King Temple welcomes thousands of people. Overcoming over 500 stone steps, visitors will go through Ha temple, Trung temple, Thuong temple, Hung King's tomb and end at Gieng temple.


Saying goodbye Hung King Temple, tourists can visit Lai Len temple in Phu Duc village, Kim Duc commune to enjoy Phu Tho Xoan singing - an intangible cultural heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO. Visitors can also immerse themselves in ancient Xoan melodies, admire materials and artifacts of Xoan singing at this sacred space.

The spring journey not only within Viet Tri city, but also in most districts in the province. Located on the sacred land, Foremother Au Co temple in Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa district is a special cultural and historical work, a symbol of patriotism and the tradition of solidarity. To commemorate the merits of Foremother Au Co, the Foremother Au Co temple Festival is annually taken place in 3 days (lunar January 7th, 8th, 9th). However, since the early days of spring, people across the country have flocked to the temple to offer incense to honor the Foremother Au Co and pray for a lucky and peaceful new year.


In January, February and until the end of March of the lunar calendar, all over the countryside are exciting for village festival, such as: Nem chai festival. Ha Dien festical of Muong ethnic people in Thu Cuc commune; Du Yen temple festival in Chi Tien commune; Lang Suong temple festival; Cuop Phet festival in Hien Quan commune; "Hung Kings taught people to cultivate rice" festival in Minh Nong ward, Viet Tri city; Hung King Temple festival and Hung King death anniversary, etc.

To wrap up the long journey, tourists stop in Thanh Thuy district to relax in modern resorts of Vuon Vua Resort & Villas, Blue Pearl Island, soaking themselves in the hot spring water, enjoying delicious and charming Da river fish dishes, etc. 

Making a spring journey to the ancestral land in spring weather, offering incense to commemorate the ancestors and enjoying many unique traditional festivals, visitors will have much more interesting experiences of their own to understand, to love, to be more proud of the ancestral land of the nation.

Hoang Quy