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Visiting Dao Xa to enjoy the elephant procession festival

Sunday, 2019-03-17 15:33:10
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PTO - Dao Xa festival (in Dao Xa commune, Thanh Thuy district) is the elephant procession festival, held annually on the lunar January 27th, 28th and 29th.

Local people have worshipped Hung Hai Cong - the 19th younger brother of Hung King – who taught the local people to improve their crop irrigation to produce bumper crops. In recognition of his merits, King Hung awarded a pairs of elephants to him. Then, Dao Xa residents has worshiped him as the village genie.

Dao Xa communal house was built in the 17th century of the Le Dynasty with a massive and stable architecture. Thanks to a historical and cultural values along with sophisticated sculpture art, Dao Xa communal house was recognized as a National Historic Site and one of the oldest communal houses in the province still preserved so far. At this place, 55 years ago, Uncle Ho visited and talked with people of Vinh Quang commune (now Dao Xa commune). 


Dao Xa festival is annually held with many folk cultural activities. The 28th of lunar January is the main festive day with rituals activities, elephant procession and folk games. This is also an opportunity for local people to invite their friends and relatives to enjoy Tet holidays together. 

The rituals of elephant procession is the highlight of Dao Xa festival. That is why people often call this festival is Dao Xa elephant procession festival. The procession includes over one hundred people, led by 2 couple big fake elephants controlled by 2 healthy and good men. On the process of elephant procession, a group of people holding flags run around 2 palanquins and shout out louds to create a bustling atmosphere. After reaching the communal house, local people and visitors offered insence to pray for a bumper crops and good things in the new year.


The festival has been jubilantly organized with many folk games such as rice pounding and rice cooking, tug-of-war, swinging, volleyball, cockfighting, chess, etc. In particularly, rice cooking competition is very unique, attracting a large number of local people and visitors, creating an exciting atmosphere in the early spring days.

Dao Xa festival owns a deep historical and cultural value, commemorating the merits of those who built the country and the village in association with the cultural and religious space of Hung Kings worshiping beliefs, recognized as National intangible cultural heritage.


Nguyen An