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Performance of bronze drum beating, dam duong, lion dance in Hung King Temple Festival

Wednesday, 2019-04-10 17:26:12
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PTO - In order to serve visitors in the Hung Kings' Death anniversary - Hung King Temple Festival, on April 9th (ie lunar March 6th), the performance of bronze drum beating, dam duong, lion dance kicked off in Hung King Temple, attracting a lot of people.

The bronze drum are sacred item used in ancestor worship of ancient Vietnamese people. Beating bronze drum is a cultural activity to pray the good weather, the peaceful and prosperous nation and a bumper crops. Legendly, this was a popular activity during festivals in Hung Kings era.

Dam duong is the typical folk culture of Muong ethnic people, reflecting the life and production of water-rice farmers. Along with the development process, dam duong has gradually become a form of folk culture, containing specific melodies preserved from generation to generation.

The event has been held continuously until April 14th (ie lunar March 10th).

Giang Ngan