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Xoan Singing performance of three generations and Xoan singing festival for youth of Viet Tri city

Friday, 2019-04-05 19:19:18
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PTO- On April 5th , Viet Tri City held a Xoan singing performance of three generations and the 6th Xoan Singing festival for youth in 2019. There are 600 Xoan artists and students of Gia Cam Primary School and Viet Tri High School performed Xoan singing.


The 6th Xoan Singing festival for youth in Viet Tri city has 17 Xoan singing clubs belonging to 5 primary schools are: Tien Cat, Phuong Lau, Kim Duc, Chu Hoa, Thanh Mieu; 5 secondary schools are: Tan Dan, Gia Cam, Trung Vuong, Bach Hac, Duu Lau and 7 high schools in the city: Hung Vuong Specialized high school, Viet Tri, Vu The Lang, Viet Tri Industrial high school, Viet Tri Technical high school, Nguyen Tat Thanh and Tran Phu. Each club participating in the festival performed Xoan singing with 3 stages: ritual singing, “quả cách” singing or singing Xoan songs and festive courtship songs (festival singing).


Closing the festival, the Organization Committee awarded 3 prizes A to Phuong Lau Primary School, Gia Cam Secondary School, Viet Tri Technical high school and 8 prizes B, 6 prizes C to other schools.

Phuong Thanh