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Tan Son district preserves cultural values

Monday, 2019-06-17 00:19:48
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The bamboo pole dance of Muong ethnic people has been preserved and promoted through festivals in Tan Son district.

PTO- Tan Son district has implemented many solutions to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities in the area, contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life for people.

83% of the district's population are ethnic minorities belonging of 19 ethnic groups, including 74% of Muong ethnic group, 5.4% of Dao ethnic group, 17% of Kinh ethnic group. Each ethnic group has its own living habits, creating a unique culture. In addition, the beauties of customs and practices of ethnic groups are preserved and promoted at festivals. The highlight of the cultural space of the district is the cultural and sports festive day of the ethnic groups in association with the agricultural festival in Thu Cuc commune, praying for a new year of the good weather and a bumper crops.

In addition to preserving and promoting the beauty of customs and habits of ethnic groups, Tan Son district always encourages the collection, preservation and promotion of traditional cultural values ​​of ethnic groups. with building cultural life, contributing to the elimination of customs and superstition, at the same time directing the communes to consolidate, maintain and improve the quality of activities of traditional folk music clubs and teams.

So far, the whole district has 124 dam duong dance teams, 7 gongs teams, 195 art troops, 24 Vi-Rang singing clubs, 8 sinh tien dance clubs generate money and 40 crossbows clubs, etc. Activities to preserve traditional cultural values such as: Collection and preservation of ancient folk songs and handwriting have made an important contribution to conservation and promotion of traditional cultural values of ethnic groups. Typically, Mrs. Ha Thi Song - an elite artisan in the field of intangible culture with a type of folk performance honored by the Provincial People's Committee in 2017; Mrs. Ha Thi Ngan - a Muong ethnic woman collected and enthusiastically taught Vi - Rang songs to the local people, etc. Tan Son district also promptly restored 8 traditional stilt houses of Muong ethnic people, establishing 4 art clubs in Xuan Son residential areas with many diverse and abundant activities such as Vi - Rang singing, gongs, dam duong dance, etc., to serve tourists when visiting Xuan Son National Park, contributing to preserving and promoting both traditional cultural values and tourism development.

Mr. Tran Van Giang - Head of District Culture and Information Department said: “There are still some traditional cultural folk songs and dances, traditional musical instruments and handicrafts of ethnic minorities in the district gradually lost in oblivion. Therefore, district continues to promote disemination and raise awareness of the local people; attaching importance to the preservation of cultural heritage of ethnic groups; encouraging and creating conditions for organizations and individuals to study, teach and promote cultural heritage."

Quoc Dai