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Hung King Temple in the eyes of international friends

Friday, 2020-04-03 16:48:42
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PTO- The 2019 Spring Friendship Journey to the ancestral land left in mind of Palestinian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Vietnam Saadi Salama many good impressions. Participating in almost Spring Friendship Journeys to many regions of Vietnam for many years, Mr. Saadi Salama was deeply impressed when visiting the origin of the Vietnamese people.

“The trip gave me and other ambassadors a chance to visit the ancestral land of Vietnam. This is a lucky opportunity for many international friends living and working in Vietnam to know more about a sacred land for not only Vietnamese people but also those who are interested in Vietnam”, Palestinian Ambassador Saadi Salama shared.

In the story of this trip, the Ambassador has repeatedly used the word "wonderful" to describe the natural landscape and people of Phu Tho. “We enjoyed the fresh air in the early days of spring. Unlike Hanoi, where are many tall buildings, a lot of cars yet very little green space. In Hung King Temple, the system of temples are completely located on a mountain surrounded by luxuriant trees. We felt like immersing ourselves in nature. Particularly, it was the first time I has attended the incense offering ceremony to commemorate the Hung Kings at Kinh Thien palace. That made me really experience your national cultural identity. It was a memorable experience.”


Like Ambassador Saadi Salama, the impression of a sacred Hung King Temple - the origin of Vietnamese nation is deep in the mind of Ms. Chin Ta Na - Lao students studying at Hung Vuong University : “I came to Hung King Temple for the first time in an extra-curricular activity on Vietnamese history of the university. I and my friends came back here several times because of its ancient and peaceful landscape. I also greatly admire the thousand-year history and culture of Vietnam."

Mrs. Luong Phuong - a Chinese teacher, who has worked and lived in Viet Tri for 10 years, said: “I do not remember exactly how I felt when visiting Hung King Temple for the first time. However, so far, when working and living here with my family, every lunar 1st and 15th day of a month, I come here to offer incense to pray for peace for my family. It makes me feel peaceful in my mind."

It can be seen that Hung King Temple has left a deep impression in the mind of every international tourist when visiting here, making them overwhelmed by its scale and spiritual value. However, in order to fully aware of this historical relic site's value, the "historical messengers" play an important role.

Having a strong attachment to Hung King Temple historical relic site for 20 years, tour guide Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong has introduced to many international delegations. All of them show their interest in the architectural works of temples and pagodas of the relic site. Chinese, Thai, Lao and Korean tourists, etc. are impressed with the Vietnamese unique legends such as Rong Tien  legend parent, worship of Hung Kings thanks to the close Asian culture.

With great values, Hung King Temple and the worship of Hung Kings are always the pride of every Vietnamese when introducing to international friends.

Phuong Thuy