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Hung King Temple - origin of the nation

Thursday, 2020-04-02 15:52:44
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PTO - Hung King Temple is a special national historical relic site located on Nghia Linh mountain of Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri city - the origin of the Vietnamese people. This place owns a majestic high terrain, fiting the ideals of "sơn chầu thủy tụ" (mountains and rivers gather), chosen for the worship of Hung Kings - who built the country, also being an ancestor of the Vietnamese people. Throught many ups and downs of history, Hung King Temple has always been preserved and constantly embellished by Lac Hong descendants yet still retaining ancient and solemn features of the works in the relic site.


The temple's stone gate was built in the second reigning year of Khai Dinh (1917). Its two sides are embossed with two boxers. One is holding a battle-axe while the other holding a lance. On top of the gate are 4 large-Han script "Cao sơn cảnh hành". (high mountain and wide road)


According to the legend, Ha temple was the place Mother Au Co gave birth to a pouch containing 100 eggs, which hatched into 100 sons. This explains the meaning of the word "đồng bào" (from the same pouch  - compatriot) in Vietnamese. The traces of Mắt Rồng (Dragon's Eye) well, where Mother Au Co hatched her eggs are still behind Ha temple.


Thien Quang pagoda located on the right of Ha temple, the construction mainly built of wooden pillars with stone chock.


According to the legend, Trung temple was the place Hung Kings used to talk over state affairs. Hung King the sixth abdicated his throne to his son named Lang Lieu, who found how to make Chung cake and Giay cake.


Thuong temple, also named “Kính thiên lĩnh điện” (the palace to worship Gods) or “Cửu trùng tiên điện” (the palace on the 9th cloud layer). Inside the temple, there are 4 large-Han scripts "Nam Việt triệu tổ" (Ancestor of Vietnamese people). The temple was built in the shape of Chinese character of “Wang” (King).


Hung King’s Tombs, according to the legend, is the sixth Hung King’s grave. The tomb is located in the east of Thuong temple.


Gieng Temple is to worship two princesses named Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa (daughters of the 18th Hung King) who taught local people to cultivate wet rice. The temple was built in the eighteenth century.


Great Father Lac Long Quan temple was built on Sim mountain in the complex of Hung King Temple historical relic site and inaugurated on Hung Kings’ death anniversary and Hung King Temple Festival in 2009.


Great Mother Au Co Temple was built on Van mountain in 2001 and inaugurated in December 2004, under the traditional architecture.