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Diversity of cultural diplomacy activities

Saturday, 2020-12-05 19:56:39
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PTO - Through thousands of years of history, Phu Tho is a locality with a rich and diverse heritage system. In particular, there are two heritages of the province recognized and honored by UNESCO, of which Xoan singing has passed the cultural space of Phu Tho to reach the ethnic community of Vietnam and humanity all over the world.

In the Provincial Strategic Cultural Diplomacy Plan to 2020, the province affirmed the need to promote cultural diplomacy with localities with traditional friendship relations, in major countries, neighboring countries and ASEAN countries to take advantage of conditions for cooperation in economic, political and social fields. Strengthen cooperation in the field of cultural diplomacy at bilateral and multilateral forums to contribute to promoting the image of Vietnam in general and of Phu Tho province in particular, to promote cooperation in all fields. Actively coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to organize cultural programs with foreign elements in the province or abroad to introduce and promote unique cultural features of Phu Tho. Continuing to develop and expand exchanges and cooperation with cities and localities in the world.

In cultural diplomacy, Phu Tho has had many diverse and prosperous activities, contributing to enhancing understanding with other countries to promote the cultural history of the To Land and the potential and advantages of the province to international friends. On the occasion of Hung Vuong's death anniversary - Hung Temple Festival, the province has coordinated to organize many cultural activities such as: Art exhibition, art program of artists from Korea; folk arts program in Nara prefecture - Japan; coordinated with the Embassy of India in Vietnam to successfully organize the first International Yoga Day and the performance program of the Bollywood arts group of India. Phu Tho also sent delegations to perform traditional folk arts in Hwaseong city; International travel fair in Japan. Coordinate with relevant ministries, agencies and localities to promote propaganda, promotion and promotion of the value of the intangible cultural heritage registered by UNESCO "Phu Tho Xoan singing" and "The worship of Hung King"with unique traditional cultural identities of Dat To come to local and foreign people and international friends.

The province has developed and implemented trade promotion programs, investment incentive policies, participating in fairs and exhibitions, integrating programs on investment potentials and opportunities, and cultural exchange, travel. Integrating cultural diplomacy activities into the province's strengths such as ecotourism, festival tourism, traditional craft village tourism and organizing international exhibitions, marketing handicrafts fine arts, local products, introduce the province's literature and art to international friends. Promote cultural diplomacy in people's foreign affairs. Organize cultural exchanges between students, students and youth of the province with students, students, youth from the countries studying in the province ... Along with that, actively organize cultural events in framework of high-level visits, to commemorate diplomatic relations with other countries or on the occasion of visits by provincial leaders to localities with cooperation relations.

Cultural diplomacy has had many diverse prosperity, achieved important results, bringing common pride not only to the people of ancestral land but also with the Vietnamese community at home and abroad. At the same time, creating a spiritual foundation, becoming one of the important goals of the province, in order to promote international integration in other fields such as politics, economy, tourism, investment ... transmit, advertise and improve the image and position of Vietnam in the world.

Ha An