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Thanh Son preserves Muong cultural identity

September, 2021-09-08 08:19:00
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( - Thanh Son mountainous district is home of a large number of Muong ethnic people. Therefore, their traditional culture has many distinctive nuances. The cultural identity of Muong ethnic group such as stilt houses, costumes, cuisine, language, musical instruments, folk performing arts and production labor tools, etc. is still preserved and promoted in community life.

Currently, there are 126 Muong ethnic cultural clubs in communes, residential areas and schools in the whole district; 634 gongs, 123 other musical instrument sets, 1,268 costumes, 115 traditional stilt houses in the community and many tools of production and daily activities of the Muong people are preserved. Initially, Muong ethnic costumes are restored so that officials and people get used to wearing ethnic costumes in festivals. Three heritages including folk performing arts, the traditional festival of Lua communal house in Tan Lap commune and artifacts of production tools, traditional crafts of the Muong ethnic group are also restored.

In order to facilitate Muong ethnic cultural clubs promoting effectively, Thanh Son district has supported communes and towns to buy gongs to perfect the Muong cultural space; opening training courses on gong performance, Vi singing, and Muong folk singing for cultural officials of communes and towns, Muong ethnic cultural clubs and music teachers of primary and secondary schools in the area. The district has aslo cooperated with the Department of Ethnic Culture - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to train the conservation and promotion of ethnic cultural identities, building and promoting Muong ethnic culture club in the movement of building a new style rural areas for commune cultural officials, artisans and prestigious people to equip them with knowledge, methods and skills for collecting, recovering and developing some types of traditional intangible culture at risk of being lost.

Thanh Son also focuses on developing a model of community tourism associated with conservation and promotion of Muong ethnic cultural identity in Kha Cuu commune, where houses on stilts, production tools, water wheels, culinary culture or singing and dancing performances imbued with Muong cultural identity are still preserved.

Not only implementing in communes, towns and residential areas, 22 Muong ethnic cultural clubs have also been established in schools, thereby contributing to preservation and development of ethnic culture. Many schools held extra-curricular sessions to learn on the traditional culture of ethnic minorities, visit historical and cultural relics, invite artisans to teach songs and dances.

In order to preserve and promote the cultural values of the ethnic groups in the area in general and the Muong people in particular, Thanh Son district has issued a scheme to continue preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the Muong ethnic group and other ethnic minorities in Thanh Son district in the period of 2021-2025 with the goal of 100% of communes and towns to establish Muong ethnic cultural and art clubs or cultural and art clubs of ethnic minorities. Mobilizing resources of the whole society to continue to carry out the work of preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the Muong and other ethnic minorities.

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