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The changing war zone

August, 2021-08-20 00:30:00
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( the lines of history, we visited the war zones in Ha Hoa district - where the people joined the call of the Viet Minh Front, rose up to revolt, seized power in the historic August Revolution.

Thanks to the policy of developing guerrilla warfare at the revolutionary military conference of Tonkin in May 1945, the Van war zone was established in Hien Luong commune where Mother Au Co temple located. The Van war zone is one of the seven important war zones of Vietnam, connecting the others as a "springboard" for the general uprising. 

Hien Luong today - the Van war zone in the past.
Relic stele recorded the historical event on August 2nd, 1945. The armed forces of Au Co guerrilla team and the people were divided into groups to block the Japanese attack and seized power.
Van Hoi lagoon marked the victory of destroying Japanese granaries and solving famine for the people of Au Co guerrilla team on June 13th, 1945.
Through many ups and downs of history, the face of the war zone has changed. In December 2015, Hien Luong reached the new rural commune standard. Up to now, the socio-economic development and people's lives have been improved.

With the Van war zone in Hien Luong commune, due to the rugged mountainous location, Dai Pham, Am Ha communes... were selected as 10 war zone by the Central Government on March 1st, 1947. The forces attacked on the enemy in Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang, etc.

The stele recorded the first place to welcome the leadership of the war zone - the Duong worshipping house in Dai Pham commune. It was also a place to protect Viet Minh Front cadres when they were aggressively pursued by the enemy.

Upholding the revolutionary tradition, Dai Pham has strived for many achievements in all fields. People's lives are improved both materially and spiritually. In the area, there were 147 trading and service households, developing all kinds of industries: transportation services, catering, grocery... to serve the needs of local people and surrounding areas.

The existing forest area was 1,397 ha with 86 ha of new forest. 

By 1949, when the resistance war against the French colonialists was fierce, the Communist Party of Indochina delegation withdrew into secret activities. At that time, the army and people of Vietnam and Laos have united and determined to destroy the enemy.

Chu Hung Temple in Am Ha commune - the birthplace of the first armed team of the Lao People's Army named Latxavong led by Comrade Kaysone Phomvihane. 

The Vietnam - Laos Friendship Parliamentary delegation visited Chu Hung Temple, where the first armed team of the Lao People's Army was established (Photo taken in August 2017).

Traditional house - the place to preserve documentary photos of 10 war zone and the Latxavong armed team.

Am Ha Commune - an important part of the 10 war zone has changed in positive. In January 2019, the commune reached the new rural standard. The forestry processing village has developed with 53 facilities, increasing incomes and creating jobs for local people. 

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