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Thousands of people repatriate in night

October, 2021-10-07 10:47:00
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Thousands of people has repatriated with their belongings in night

( - The COVID-19 pandemic has had thousands of people in the northern mountainous provinces who were making a living in the southern provinces and cities flow home by motorbike, creating a historic repatriation journey.


At 19:30 on October 6th, just arriving at the COVID-19 control checkpoint at Trung Ha bridge, Tam Nong district, the motorbike of Mr. Ho Mi Dung (Ha Giang province) suddenly stalled. After a long journey, the old motorbike seemed to be no longer strong enough to go any further. "My wife and I had just worked as workers in Binh Duong for a month since the pandemic broke out. We had to stop working. After trying to hold out, on the morning of October 2nd, we decided to go back home. I've just slept about 3-4 hours/day. Dispite being so tired, I've tried harder whenever thinking of almost coming home" - Mr. Dung shared.


Children sleeping on their mother's arms on the arduous journey home

Mua A Vang (Son La province) brought his wife and two young children back to his hometown. "I was made a living in Long An province until became jobless for recent months. Life was so miserable, we couldn't live there anymore, my wife and I decided to bring our two children back to our hometown and then think of how to live", Mr. Vang confided.


Because of so tired, his two children fell asleep in the motorbike.

Since September 30th, when many southern provinces and cities eased pandemic prevention and control measures, thousands of people moved from the South to the North with their belongings to go back home. They are mainly citizens of the provinces: Phu Tho, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Son La, Ha Giang, etc.


Providing free gasoline to the people's means.

According to information from the provincial Traffic Police Department, in two days of October 5th to 6th, over 3,300 people passed through the checkpoint of Trung Ha bridge. Particularly on the afternoon and night of October 6, there were about 6 groups traveling by bus and over 1,000 people traveling by motorbike passing through the checkpoint.


At the checkpoint, the traffic police force constantly provided food, water and gasoline and even transit vehicles free to people who needed help. The traffic police force has also mobilized tens of bus, trucks along with convoys of Tam Nong District Police Department to ensure safety of pandemic prevention and control, avoiding traffic accidents. Depending on where they want to go, people would be divided into groups going in different directions.


Citizens of Phu Tho province would be taken to the concentrated isolation facility in Tam Nong district to screen and classify based on the results of COVID-19 vaccination and RT-PCR test.


Policeman supplied dinner and water to the people.


Hurriedly eating the dinner to continue the journey.


This citizen didn't have a meal for 3 days. Since leaving the South, his food was bread and instant noodles.


A lot of children among the delegation.


Exhausted face after an over 1,500km journey in a few days


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