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Flying over Long Coc tea hills

May 21, 2020

PTO - Visitors to Phu Tho do not forget to visit the tea hills bobbing in the clouds in Long Coc commune, Tan Son district.

A peaceful and quiet Hung King Temple

April 02, 2020

PTO - According to the original plan, the Hung Kings' death anniversary in 2020 would be held on a national scale, however, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ...

Season of freshwater mangroves changing their leaves

March 23, 2020

Season of freshwater mangroves changing their leaves

Spatly Islands welcomes a warm and full Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays

January 17, 2020

PTO - The ships to Truong Sa (Spatly Islands) at the end of 2019 took with not only essential commodities, but also the sentiment of the people throughout the country...

Flower market for Tet holiday

January 15, 2020

PTO - Just few days left before Lunar New Year 2020. At this time on some streets of Viet Tri city, many kinds of colorful flower have been transported from flower gardens...

Viet Tri ready for Tet market's demand

January 11, 2020

PTO - Only a few days until the Lunar New Year of 2020. At this time, the Tet market with varieties of goods is ready. These following photos were taken at markets and supermarkets in Viet Tri city...

Tu Xa safe vegetables

January 08, 2020

PTO - Tu Xa Safe Vegetable Cooperative in  Tu Xa commune, Lam Thao district was established since 2016. So far, it become a reliable address to...

Exploring the rose farm

January 05, 2020

PTO - Many people choose to come the countrysides to enjoy the relaxation  and the fresh air after the worries of the hustle and hurry urban life. Meeting that demand as well as hobby of flowers planting, by the help of his mother and brother, Mr. Dao Manh Hung built Hung Thinh rose farm in zone 8, Tu My commune, Tam Nong district...

Jubilant Christmas celebrations in No Luc parish

December 30, 2019

PTO - On the evening of December 24th, in the cold weather, thousands of people come to No Luc parish (Thuy Van commune, Viet Tri city) to feel the jubilant atmosphere of Christmas...

Tourism destinations in Ha Hoa district

December 22, 2019

Ha Hoa is known as a land of beauty landscape and historical and cultural relics associated with the legends at the era of the nation building. Those are potentials and strengths for developing Ha Hoa tourism.

Unique street folk festival in Thanh Thuy

November 25, 2019

PTO- With an aim to truthfully recreate, at the same time, introduce and promote the unique cultural potential and ancient customs of the Vietnamese people, especially the Mother Goddesses,...

Vietnam National University, Hanoi pays a working visit at the province

PTO - On May 8th, a delegation of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) led by Mr. Nguyen Kim Son - Director of the University paid a working visit at Phu Tho. (May 09, 2020)

Flying over Long Coc tea hills (May 21, 2020)
Secretary Bui Minh Chau workes with T&T Group JSC (May 21, 2020)