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Bustling Hung King Temple traditional market

April 24, 2018

PTO – Traditional market is one of the activities for the visitors within the framework of the Hung Kings’ death anniversary - Hung Kings Temple Festival 2018.

Some photos at the 2018 Viet Tri street folk festival

April 22, 2018

PTO- The Viet Tri street folk festival is one of the most impressive programs in the Hung Kings Temple Festival. In order to honor the cultural values

Some photos of the Hung Vuong Fair 2018

April 20, 2018

PTO - This year, Hung Vuong Fair has over 350 booths of nearly 200 organizations and enterprises both inside and outside the province. This fair introduces diverse and typical products

Spinning tops of Mong boys

February 12, 2018

PTO- Mong boys in My A village, Thu Cuc commune, Tan Son district are fascinated with the spinning top game. Just a piece of string, a piece of wood, and a wooden warhead

Exploring cultural heritage of the ancestral land

February 06, 2018

PTO- More than 300 students in the 7th grade of Gia Cam secondary school participated in the experience program themed "Exploring the cultural heritage of the ancestral land"

Teaching Xoan singing in schools

January 12, 2018

PTO- Bringing Xoan singing into schools is an effective solution to preserve and promote the cultural values of the ancestral land. In recent years, many schools in the province

The highlander's smile

January 11, 2018

PTO- The highlander's smile in all ages and in all context always attracts the photographer to create the beautiful, simple and so truthful moments.

Xuan Son National Park in Christmas flower season

December 17, 2017

PTO- Xuan Son National Park in Trang Nguyen flower (christmas flower) season looks like a magical picture.

Brand positioning of Doan Hung pomelo

December 09, 2017

PTO-Now, in the market, the pomelo specialty products in 2 famous pomelo communes of Chi Dam and Bang Luan (Doan Hung district) are being deployed smart electronic stamps of origin traceability.

Traditional palm mat weaving in Cam Khe district

December 05, 2017

PTO- As a home of palm trees, Cam Khe district has taken advantages of this tree to make traditional handicrafts including palm mat weaving in Sai Nga commune.

Expressing gratitude to teachers in the Hung King Dynasty

November 20, 2017

PTO – According to the legend, in the reign of the 18th Hung King, a teacher named Vu The Lang – a native of Mo Trach, Hai Duong and his wife Nguyen Thi Thuc