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Bright red rice flower season

March 27, 2021

PTO - The rice flower has become a familiar image every March. The rice flower is like a thousand candles being lit at the same time in the sky...

Diversified Tet flower market

February 09, 2021

PTO - The atmosphere at Tet flower and ornamental plants market is bustling with a variety of spring flowers, reasonable prices for many customers.

Decorations set up to welcome 13th National Party Congress

January 24, 2021

PTO- The 13th National Party Congress will take place from January 25 to February 2, 2021 at the National Convention Centre (in Me Tri, Hanoi). Up to now, the preparations to mark the 13th National Party Congress have been completed.

A peaceful and quiet Hung King Temple

April 02, 2020

PTO - According to the original plan, the Hung Kings' death anniversary in 2020 would be held on a national scale, however, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ...

Season of freshwater mangroves changing their leaves

March 23, 2020

Season of freshwater mangroves changing their leaves

Green young shoots

March 16, 2020

Green young shoots

Thanh Son photo tour

February 24, 2020

PTO - Thanh Son is a land of rich culture, a charming beauty of nature, creating a unique material for photography lovers. Many groups of photographic artists, photography clubs ...

Colors of Viet Tri night

February 03, 2020

PTO- In recent years, Viet Tri city - the political, socio-economic center of the province - has been put on a fresh coat as a testament for the development into a smart city...

Tet gifts to DK1 platforms

January 28, 2020

PTO- At the end of the year, the rough sea with the 4-5m choppy waves make the goods and Tet gifts transportation to DK1 platforms very difficult....

Colorful Tet

January 28, 2020

PTO - Despite the unfavorable weather in the early days of the lunar new year 2020, the people try to go outside to welcome Tet and take photos to keep the moments of the beginning of the new year.

Long An peach blossom village welcomes Tet holidays

January 22, 2020

PTO - Increasingly affirming its brand in the market, so far, Long An peach blossom village in Ha Loc commune, Phu Tho town...