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On the trips of journalists' working

June 17, 2019

PTO - Journalism is always associated with trips, the hard-working, exploration, accumulation of knowledge for the creation. Each trip, each land and each person...

Incense stick export in Cam Khe district

June 05, 2019

PTD – The incense stick export workshop of Mr. Pham Xuan Quang's family, in Trung Tien 2 area, Dong Luong commune, Cam Khe district is one of the models bringing high economic efficiency,...

Beauty of Muong land

May 20, 2019

Viet Tri by night

March 18, 2019

On the way to strive to become a festival city - the origin of the Vietnamese people - Viet Tri has been invested in fairly synchronous infrastructure.

Thach Khoan communal house - the interference of Vietnamese and Muong cultures

March 11, 2019

PTO- Thach Khoan commune, Thanh Son district is famous for an ancient communal house which has unique architecture, harmoniously created from specialities of the two Vietnamese - Muong cultures...

Truong Sa (Spratly archipelagoes) in my heart

February 26, 2019

PTO - Truong Sa (Spratly archipelagoes) - the sacred name in the hearts of each Vietnamese people - is an indivisible part of Vietnam. Every time visiting Truong Sa...

Visit Buckwheat flower at Van Lang Park

February 23, 2019

PTO - If you have not gone for a trip to the northernmost region to enjoy the speciality of the highlands - the Buckwheat flower, in these days, you can enjoy them at Van Lang Park...

Nha Nit’s peach blossoms blooming to welcome the Spring

January 31, 2019

PTO- Peach blossoms usually begin blooming since the 20th of the lunar December, making the traditional New Year Holiday’s atmosphere become more stirring. Nha Nit’s peach villagers in Thanh Dinh Commune, Viet Tri City are also rushing to take peach trees to the market.

Thuy Tram red carp

January 28, 2019

PTO- Thuy Tram village in Tuy Loc Commune, Cam Khe is known for its famous brand of red carp throughout the country. Thuy Tram red carp with a beautiful color is an indispensable one in the Kitchen Gods Day.

The flavor of Xuan Son National Park

January 17, 2019

PTO- In 2018, Xuan Son National Park welcomed about 20 thousand visitors both inside and outside the province, including many foreign tourists

New landscape at the Hung Kings Temple historical site

December 19, 2018

PTO - The construction of landscape improvement in the intersection of Gieng temple at Hung Kings Temple historical site has been invested, contributing to create the highlights of the landscape...