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Display of archeological artifacts in the Hung Kings era

April 09, 2019

PTO - In particular, the exhibition of archaeological artifacts in the Hung Kings era and the formation of Van Lang State in the framework of the Hung King's Death Anniversary – the Hung King Temple Festival in 2019...

Orchid blooming at Hung Kings Festival

April 07, 2019

PTO - From 5th to 14th of April (1st to 10th of lunar March), Orchid gallery in Hung Kings Temple historical relic site exhibited and introduced hundreds of orchids...

Children in the highland

April 04, 2019

PTO- After school time, children in the highland help their parents houseworks. Although the life is so hard and difficult, the innocent smile and joyness are always on their pure childhood faces...

Thuy Tram red carp

January 28, 2019

PTO- Thuy Tram village in Tuy Loc Commune, Cam Khe is known for its famous brand of red carp throughout the country. Thuy Tram red carp with a beautiful color is an indispensable one in the Kitchen Gods Day.

The flavor of Xuan Son National Park

January 17, 2019

PTO- In 2018, Xuan Son National Park welcomed about 20 thousand visitors both inside and outside the province, including many foreign tourists

New landscape at the Hung Kings Temple historical site

December 19, 2018

PTO - The construction of landscape improvement in the intersection of Gieng temple at Hung Kings Temple historical site has been invested, contributing to create the highlights of the landscape...

Beautiful scenery of Ly lake

November 13, 2018

PTO- Here is some photos of Ly lake’s natural beauty.

Coming to Dao ethnic village

October 19, 2018

PTO- Coming to the center of the commune, we continue to go about 3km, crossing curved road to the Dao ethnic village in Dong Cuu commune, Thanh Son district.

The fantastic green tea "oasis" in Long Coc, Phu Tho

October 15, 2018

Visting Long Coc commune in Tan Son district, Phu Tho province, tourists will have interesting experiences in the tea “oasis” - which are considered as “Ha Long Bay” in the ancestors’ land.

Attractions of Thanh Son tourism

October 12, 2018

PTO - The green tea hills, the white foam waterfalls or many delicious dishes and dances imbued with national identity attract visitors to Thanh Son district.

Folk games

August 20, 2018

PTO- In the Vietnamese cultural treasure, folk games are forms of entertainment reflecting the customs and traditions of the ancient Vietnamese people and handed down from generation to generation.

The greeting

Phu Tho is located at the center of the northern mountainous area of Vietnam, is the Northwest gateway to Hanoi capital and the connection of North Western area with Hanoi (March 21, 2019)

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