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The highlander's smile

January 11, 2018

PTO- The highlander's smile in all ages and in all context always attracts the photographer to create the beautiful, simple and so truthful moments.

Xuan Son National Park in Christmas flower season

December 17, 2017

PTO- Xuan Son National Park in Trang Nguyen flower (christmas flower) season looks like a magical picture.

Brand positioning of Doan Hung pomelo

December 09, 2017

PTO-Now, in the market, the pomelo specialty products in 2 famous pomelo communes of Chi Dam and Bang Luan (Doan Hung district) are being deployed smart electronic stamps of origin traceability.

Soybean jam of Bo Village

August 06, 2017

PTO- The soybean jam of Bo village in Thach Dong commune, Thanh Thuy district has become the major income

Hung Lo ancient village

August 02, 2017

PTO- Passing ups and downs of history, Hung Lo ancient village, in Hung Lo Commune, Viet Tri City, has been preserved the ancient features

The beauty of Thac Ba lake

August 02, 2017

PTO- Thac Ba lake is located in area of Yen Binh and Luc Yen of Yen Bai province, 160km to the north of Hanoi and 80km to the westnorth of Viettri

Viet Tien carpentry village

July 24, 2017

PTO- About 20km from Viet Tri City, Viet Tien Carpentry Village, Tu Xa Commune, Lam Thao District has been established and developed for hundreds of years. To create a product, Viet Tien carpenters must do many complex tasks.

Red carpets of freshwater mangrove flowers

July 20, 2017

PTO- Freshwater mangroves, known among scientists as barringtonia acutangula, usually begin to blossom in the sixth lunar month.

Beauty of Muong culture

July 18, 2017

PTO- Along with traditional stilt houses, Muong people preserve cultural values from many generations such as: gongs, drumsticks, drum dance,

Gia Thanh Conical hat craft village

July 16, 2017

PTO- The Sai Nga, Son Nga (Cam Khe district), Gia Thanh (Phu Ninh district) conical hat craft villages are attracting many laborers

Thanh Son today

July 13, 2017

PTO- In recent years, Thanh Son district concentrates many resources for economic development, infrastructure construction, preserving cultural identity, contributing

Phu Tho creates trust for investors

PTO- In recent years, there have been many breakthroughs in attracting investment into Phu Tho province, making the province become one of outstanding investment attraction in the northern midlands and mountainous region. (November 27, 2017)

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