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Thanh Son district in the spring tea harvest season

Tuesday, 2018-04-03 14:58:01
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Farmers use mechanization on tea harvesting to reduce labor costs and increase economic efficiency.

PTO- Thanh Son district owns nearly 2,500 hectares of tea, over 90% of which can be havested nearly 26,000 tons of fresh tea buds per year. Income from this plant has helped many families escape poverty, and even become richer.

From March to the end of April, farmers in Thanh Son district are busy for the spring tea harvest season of the year. This is an expected tea season because of its delicious taste. Currently, the price of fresh spring tea is from VND6,000 to VND10,000/ kg, dried tea is VND150,000 - VND250,000/ kg, depending on the type of tea. Visiting Thanh Son district at this time, we can hear the sound of cutting machines and the laughter of the tea farmers in the hope of a bumper tea crops every where.



After harvesting, farmers pick the old tea buds out again before packing it into the sack and then bring to the point of purchase to ensure the quality of tea.


Spring tea buds are packed, carried to the point of purchase in the joy of tea farmer.


In addition to the use of mechanization on tea harvesting, many farmers still pick tea by hand to utilize labor, save investment costs and ensure the quality of tea.


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