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The beauty of the ancient houses in Trung Vuong commune

Thursday, 2019-08-29 21:17:57
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PTO - Trung Vuong commune owns a rich history and culture of Viet Tri city. In particular, there are many valuable heritage preserved till this day.


The nearly 100-year-old house of Mr. Luong Van Mien in Dinh hamlet, formerly Kim Quat Ha hamlet, is classified as the oldest and most beautiful in the commune. He is the 5th generation to own the house.

The house is designed with 5 spaces including the middle 3 spaces used for worshiping ancestors, the remaining spaces for living.


The middle space of worship is still kept all the precious things.




Like the old house of Mr. Mien's family, Mr. Truong Dinh Lang's ancient house in Thinh hamlet is also an old house with 5 spaces yet downgraded. Mr. Lang said: “My son generation is the fourth generation to own this house. The whole house used precious wood, red roofs, square floors."



Mr. Do Nang Hung - Vice Chairman of Trung Vuong commune People's Committee said: “Currently, there are more than a dozen 100-year ancient houses, many of them have been downgraded, repaired and embellished. They are the place of multi-generational coexistence, playing an important role in the cultural life of the local people. We hope all levels and sectors will facilitate the development of craft village tourism in association with visiting ancient houses in the commune, contributing to beautifying the local cultural values”.


The existence of these ancient houses enriched the unique culture of the ancestral land.

Moc Lam