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“Bringing Vietnamese goods to countryside” market-day

Sunday, 2020-10-04 20:15:48
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PTO - During 3 days from September 28th-30th, the “Bringing Vietnamese goods to countryside” market-day in 2020 held in Thanh Thuy mountainous district. This event belonged the National trade promotion program in 2020.


With a scale of 20 booths including products and goods of enterprises, manufacturing facilities in the province and somes of other provinces, the market-day has attracted a large number of local people.


Agricultural products of Thanh Thuy district.


Products of Tu Vu commune, Thanh Thuy district


Hung Lo rice noodles, Hung Lo commune, Viet Tri city.

A variety of products was shown such as Bo village soybean jam, Ngoc Tan vegetable oil, Hung Lo rice noodles, Long Coc tea, etc.; typical agricultural products of other provinces, such as Cao Bang dry rice noodle, Tuyen Quang bamboo, Lao Cai chili sauce, etc. and many other consumer products. They were all practical for local people with a clear origin.


Ngoc Tan vegetable oil, Hien Da commune, Cam Khe district


My Lung sticky rice, Cam Khe district


Long Coc tea, Tan Son district

There have been many market-days with an aim to bringing Vietnamese goods to rural and mountainous areas. Most recently, the event was held in Thanh Son from September 25th-27th. The market-days has received the attention and positive response of local  people with more and more register to participate in the program from enterprises. That showed the efficiency and pervasiveness of the event in the effort of bringing Vietnamese goods to rural and mountainous areas.

Phuong Thuy