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Perfecting the objectives of socio-economic development

Friday, 2018-03-02 17:17:19
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The leaders of the Provincial People's Committee visited the production line of Vietnam Paper Corporation.


 PTO- In 2017, despite many difficulties and challenges, thanks to the determination of political system of whole province, the consensus of businesses and local people, the provincial socio-economics maintained stability and comprehensively developed in all fields. Most of the major targets have met and exceeded the plan. In particular, gross regional domestic product (GRDP) increased 7.75% (the plan was 7.5%), higher than the national growth rate. State budget revenue reached VND 5,443 billion, was 11% higher than plan. The service sector developed, market prices were stable, consumer price indexes were kept at a low level; industrial production rose sharply; investment attraction increasing significantly, creating the base for the next years. Although agriculture, forestry and fishery products had many disadvantages of the weather, especially in the last months of the year, they reached a growth rate of 3.74%.
The tourism sector continued to attract more visitors, especially foreign visitors, tourism products are further rich, tourism promotion is gradually paid attention. Investment promotion, attracting investment enterprises in the province have achieved progressive results. In 2017, the province was issued investment registration certificates for 181 projects, folding 2.5 times compared with 2016. The total investment capital for social development increased by 13.2% compared with 2016, the structure of investment capital was transformed positively: Reducing investment capital from the State budget (accounting for 21.8%), increasing non-state investment (covering 61.3%); Foreign direct investment (accounting for 16.9%). The province has focused on mobilizing resources for effective implementation of the breakthrough in socio-economic infrastructure investment, several important constructions have been put into operation such as IC7 interchange of the Noi Bai-Lao Cai Expressway, Phu Dong street, Truong Chinh street in Viet Tri city.
The social and cultural fields have achieved many comprehensive results. Especially, on Dec. 8th, 2017, UNESCO officially moved Phu Tho Xoan Singing from The List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This showed the efforts and determination of Phu Tho province in preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, contributing to the provincial tourism development. The basic social security and social welfare are guaranteed; Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) improved; Road traffic accidents reduced; Defence and security are maintained.



The production line of JEIL Co., Ltd in Thuy Van industrial zone.


Based on the forecasts and analysis of the implementation of socio-economic development tasks in 2017, in the coming time, the provincial People's Committee will focus on the restructuring of industrial development, gradually increasing the density of the processing, manufacturing and auxiliary industries. Gathering all resources to perfect the essential infrastructure of industrial parks and key industrial clusters, so as to attract investment. Creating favorable conditions for investors in investment in the infrastructure of industrial parks such as Phu Ha, Cam Khe, Trung Ha, Phu Ninh and Ha Hoa. Reviewing and resolving difficulties of investment projects; inspecting the implementation of the projects which have been approved; withdrawing delayed projects without justifiable reasons to improve the efficiency of land using. Boosting promotion to attract big projects from potential groups, especially domestic investors.
Focusing on renovating the market information support, expanding the domestic market, and exporting for the advantageous products of the province; developing high-quality services to attract investment and consumer. Accelerating the pace of several service-tourism infrastructure projects: Commercial Center, store and wholesale market of Viet Tri city and Sai Gon - Phu Tho hotel. Continuing to promote investment to implement the projects. Keeping investment promotion in projects of Ao Chau-Ha Hoa resort, Xuan Son National Park, 3rd phase of Van Lang Park project.


Speeding up important transportation infrastructure projects: IC11 Interchange of Noi Bai - Lao Cai Express Way, Viet Tri - Ba Vi bridge, traffic road linking national route 32 with national route 70B to Hoa Binh, road from Kim Xuyen bridge to national route 2 and Ho Chi Minh Road; wastewater treatment project in Viet Tri city; Roads for the development of key industrial zones and clusters. 
In general, in 2017, the province's economy continued to develop, political security was maintained, people's living is improved.
Year of 2018 is very important to strive to meet the objectives of the Resolution of the 18th Provincial Party Congress and the provincial socio-economic development plan in the 2016-2020 term. 


Bui Minh Chau - Member of Central Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Phu Tho People's Committee