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Ethnic groups of Thanh Son district promote internal strength for integration and development

Tuesday, 2019-07-02 23:07:13
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PTO - Thanh Son is one of the localities with the highest percentage of ethnic minorities in the province (nearly 60% of the district's population). Among 17 ethnic groups here, Muong ethnic group accounts for 55.53% Dao ethnic group accounts for 3.72%. Each ethnic group has its own cultural tradition, creating a unique cultural interference in mountainous areas of the southwest of the province.

Over the past years, thanks to the practical and timely support policies of  of the State, the provinces and districts, the ethnic groups in Thanh Son have united to overcome difficulties, holding a belief in the Party's direction, joining emulation movements, reaching great achievements in socio-economic development, preserving and promoting cultural identity, positively contributing to the general development of the province and the country. In particular, the district has developed and issued a number of specialized projects and resolutions on socio-economic development, focusing on difficult areas where ethnic minority live.

Since 2015, there have been 199 infrastructure projects built and put into use in the special difficult communes and residental areas, meeting the essential needs of the local people. Especially, the district has fully implemented the regimes and policies to support production development, diversifing livelihoods and replicating poverty reduction models to communes and villages of extreme difficulty.

Thanks to the support policies of the country and the province and the joining hands of all level, branch, locality, the ethnic minority area in the district have made a remarkable breakthrough. In 2014, the poverty rate over the district was 16.16%, by the end of 2018 it was reduced to 10.61% (of which poor households of ethnic minority accounted for 80.1%). Per capita income in 2014 was VND17.2 million/ person/ year, in 2018 it was VND24.5 million/ person/ year (up by VND7.3 million / person). Ethnic minorities have promoted the tradition of hard working, self-reliance to escape poverty, developing the economy and building a new life.


Nguyen Van Manh

Deputy Secretary of Thanh Son District Party Committee, Chairman of Thanh Son District People's Committee