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Phu Tho needs to do well the planning work towards a goal of becoming a regional center

Thursday, 2020-02-20 22:39:45
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PTO - It is a valuable suggestion of Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister of Planning and Investment at the working session at Phu Tho province on February 19th.

At the working session, Chairman of the Pprovincial People's Committee Bui Van Quang briefed on the province's socio-economic development results in the past year, advantages and disadvantages as well as development plans in the next period and affirmed that Phu Tho would continue to strongly improve its business investment environment to meet the investment attraction requirements; paying attention to investing in transport infrastructure, especially external transport routes connecting to the Northern midland and mountainous provinces and industrial parks, clusters, works of agricultural production with of hi-tech application.


He also proposed to the Ministry of Planning and Investment a number of issues, such as: Supporting in planning work, selecting capable consultant units with experience in planning work, as well as implementation expenditure to ensure the province's planning in synchronized with the regional planning and national planning in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Law; selecting the option that Phu Tho continues to be located in the Northern midland and mountainous region.

Regarding to the plan for the period of 2021 to 2025, the Ministry would continue to allocate investment capital for Hung Temple historical relic site project; supplement funding for important projects; contributing to adjusting the planning of industrial parks in accordance with important transport works such as highways and Ho Chi Minh roads.


Expressing the thanks to the frank and practical contributions especially the assistance of MPI to Phu Tho over the past time, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Bui Minh Chau affirmed the provincial leaders would receive the opinions of the delegation, continue to making solidarity to accomplish the set goals in all areas in the next periods. He asked the Ministry to create favorable conditions to allocate capital sources to support the province in dealing with the reciprocal capital, ensuring the Ngoi Gianh irrigation lake project to complete as scheduled; assisting the province in promoting investment, especially attracting major and high-tech projects; paying attention to removing obstacles on administrative procedures under their authority so that the province's projects and plans can be quickly implemented, contributing to socio-economic development to make the province a center of the Northern midland and mountainous region.

Addressing at the working session, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung affirmed: Despite many difficulties, with high solidarity and a strong, creative and drastic spirit of the provincial leaders, Phu Tho had successfully implemented the Central Resolutions. However, the investment attraction was still lower than the average of the whole country. The province should find out solutions to attract strategic and major investors.


Facing to the trend of shifting investment out of China, the province should improve the quality of trained human resources, preparing all conditions to welcome suitable businesses and investors. Regarding to the planning work, the Minister suggested the province should invite foreign consultancy units or reference to the development strategy institute of MPI. MPI would assist the province in promoting, attracting investment and promoting geographical, infrastructure and cultural advantages to link with the Kunming - Quang Ninh - Hai Phong - Hanoi - Lao Cai economic corridor.

After the field trip of inspection at the Ngoi Gianh reservoir project, the Minister affirmed this multi-purpose project would very important for the local people, ensuring long-term water sources for the province. Therefore, he suggested the province soon complete the procedures for the Ministry to urgently allocate ODA capital.

Regarding to a number of other recommendations of the province, MPI and the relevant ministries and branches would submit to the competent authorities for consideration.

Duc Hoang