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13th National Party Congress officially opens

Tuesday, 2021-01-26 22:35:42
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PTO - The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam officially opened at 8 am in Hanoi in the morning of January 26, with the participation of 1,587 delegates representing more than 5.1 million Party members nationwide.

The Congress’ opening ceremony also saw the attendance of the former leaders of the Party, State and Fatherland Front, and representatives of veteran revolutionaries, Việt Nam Heroic Mothers, outstanding professionals, religious dignitaries and young people. Foreign ambassadors and country representatives of international organisations in Việt Nam were also present.

Politburo member and  Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc delivered the opening speech, stressing the significance of the 13th Party Congress.

The Congress will review the implementation of the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress associated with the evaluation of 35 years of implementation of Đổi Mới (Renewal), the 10-year socio-economic development strategy 2011-2020, as well as outlining the socio-economic development orientations and tasks for the next five years (the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the South and national reunification) and goals and orientations to 2030 (the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party) and the national development vision to 2045 (100th founding anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam (now the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam).

It also determine the directions and tasks of Party-building in the new term, evaluate the implementation of the Party’s Charter of the 12th tenure Party and elect the Party Central Committee for the 13th tenure.


On behalf of the Presidium of the Congress, Politburo member and  Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc delivered the opening speech, stressing the significance of the 13th Party Congress.

“The 13th National Party Congress is taking place in a context where the country is facing both challenges and opportunities, with new strategic issues needing to be resolved, from complicated developments in the regional and international situations to global challenges on climate change, natural disasters and diseases, as well as spectacular achievements in science and technology, which have had a strong impact on the socio-economic life of the country and the world in general.

Cadres, Party members and people are placing high hope and expectations on the sound and strong decisions of the Party in order to uphold all available resources, promote the strength of the great national unity bloc in combination with the power of the era, accelerate the building of a law-governed socialist state, enhance the fight against corruption and wastefulness, and facilitate the country’s rapid and sustainable development, for the goal of wealthy people, and a strong, democratic, equal and civilised nation.

The congress is held at a time when the entire Party, people and army have successfully implemented many guidelines, targets and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, achieving significant and comprehensive results which have contributed to great and historic achievements during the 35 years of Doi Moi (Renewal), the 30 years of the 1991 Political Platform, the 10 years of the 2011 Platform, and the implementation of the 2011-2020 Socio-economic Development Strategy.

We also frankly acknowledge our shortcomings and weaknesses which need to be addressed in the next five years to realise the aspiration of a powerful and prosperous Vietnam by 2045.

In this context, the 13th National Party Congress takes historic responsibility for the fatherland and its people, not only in the 2021-2025 period but also in the upcoming decades, as well as for the country’s future generations…”


The 13th National Party Congress has the theme “Strengthening the building and rectification of the Party and the political system into purity and strength; rousing the will and determination for national development and promoting the strength of the great national unity bloc in combination with the power of the era; continuing to comprehensively and synchronously accelerate the cause of reform; constructing and firmly safeguarding the Fatherland and maintaining a peaceful and stable environment; and striving to turn Vietnam into a developed, socialist-oriented nation by the middle of the 21st century.”

The Congress will work out concrete goals and tasks:

- By 2025: become a developing nation with modernity-oriented industry and surpass the low-middle-income level.

-By 2030, becomes a developing nation with modern industry and upper-middle-income level.

-By 2045, become a developed nation with high-income level.

Le Thuong