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A digital map to update the situation of COVID-19 released

October 24, 2021

( - Due to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, to help people update and capture the latest and fastest information on the pandemic situation in the province, as well as the work of leadership and administration...

Speeding up the construction of the 2nd concentrated medical isolation area with a capacity of 480 people

October 22, 2021

( - Due to the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to proactively respond to the situation, the Provincial People's Committee is speeding up the construction of the 2nd concentrated medical isolation area in zone 7, Tien Kien commune, Lam Thao district.

Allocating 165,100 doses of COVID-19 vaccine in the province

October 20, 2021

( - The Provincial Department of Health has just decided to allocate 30,000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccine, 100,000 doses of Vero Cell vaccine and 35,100 doses of Pfizer vaccine from the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and the Ninh Binh Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Receiving non-project aid for COVID-19 prevention and control in the province

October 19, 2021

( - On October 19th, the provincial Department of Health received non-project aid for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control sponsored by LDSC/USA organization.

29 contestants won prizes at Vietnam Mathematical Talent Challenge

October 18, 2021

( - Overcoming thousands of candidates at the Vietnam Mathematical Talent Challenge 2021 (VMTC-2021), 29 students of Van Lang Secondary School excellently won 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, 10 Bronze Medals and 16 Consolation Prizes.

6 Phu Tho students won prizes at the National Qualifier of the FISO

October 10, 2021

( - FISO (Future Intelligence Students Olympiad) - an online Olympiad of FISO Mathematics, English and Art Olympiad - conducted by FISO Olympiad team...

2 Phu Tho individuals and collectives nominated for the Vietnamese Women's Award 2021

October 08, 2021

( - In 2021, the whole country has 6 collectives and 10 individuals nominated for the Vietnamese Women's Award 2021, including 2 Phu Tho's individuals and collectives...

The education and training sector offers incense to pay tribute to the Hung Kings

October 07, 2021

( - On October 6, at Hung King Temple historical relic site, the Provincial Department of Education and Training...

Phu Tho student among top 3 of the English Speaking Contest 2021

October 05, 2021

( - At the final round of the English Speaking Contest (ESC) 2021 for grade 8 and 9 organized by the English Language Association of Vietnam...

Phu Tho has 4 students competing at the national final round of the MOSWC

September 29, 2021

( - According to the Organizing Committee of the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC 2021)...